What is Airlift?

You have probably heard of Airlift while playing Warpath but what exactly it is and how to use it? Let’s figure it out in this article!

What is Airlift?

In Warpath, Airlift is a mechanic that allows players to teleport (or relocate) to any selected place on the map instantly!

How to use Airlift?

Every day, players can only do Airlift 3 times at max, each time takes 8 hours to refill. An item called Airlift Command is required to do the Airlift.

To do the Airlift, players can use the Airlift function via the button located at the top left corner of the screen:

airlift warpath

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After that, choose a desired position on the map to relocate your base, then press the button Airlift:

use airlift

How to get Airlift Commands

Airlift Commands

Players can collect the Airlift Commands in different ways:

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