Best Anti Tank Gun Officers & Combos

Below is the list of the best Anti-tank Gun Officers in the current Warpath meta-game.

Anti-Tank Gun (ATG) always can find a great spot in any army composition from the early game to the late game.

This is due to the huge amount of damage it offers against high-armour tanks, the first row of meatshield you need to take down first when dealing with the enemies. ATG also can provide a reasonable amount of damage against any structure or squad, no matter if you are doing either Base-to-base or open-field fights.

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What Are The Best Anti-Tank Gun Officers in Warpath?

Antonina Shevchenko
SSpecial-Skill +1 extra Grid; Active skill has 1.2k+50% damage; 30% ATK Bonus. The most Overpowered officer for this job!
Randall Miller
War Machine
AActive Skill has 1.3k Damage + 35% ATK + 20% Reload Speed. High Reload Speed + High Damage.
Fox of the Highlands
Fox Of Highlands
A+20% ATK +40% Penetration - Excellent for ATG
A+10% Reload Speed, +30% ATK - Great the best pair for ATK Buff
winter huntsman
Winter Huntsman
BSkill 1.3k Damage + 15% ATK + Special Skill has 2s Lock for skill-and-run). Best Skill dmg + Lock.
Adjutant Percy
BAlly has 8% ATK Buff +25% ATK Garrisoned = 33% ATK Buff in total. Great for Garrison.
Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary
BSpecial Skill delays enemy for 2s in total. +15% ATK. You always have a great advantage when fighting.
White Wolf
White Wolf
CSpecial-Skill can target 1 extra enemy, Active skill has 1.2k Damage +15% ATK Buff. Great or Garrison!

Below are the best officer pairings for the Anti-Tank Gun in Warpath.

It’s best to have 1 or 2 ATG unit in your army, no more.

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Combo 1: Antonina Shevchenko Antonina + Randall Miller War Machine & Eruptor Eruptor + Fox of the Highlands Fox Of Highlands

Combo 2: Randall Miller War Machine + Fox of the Highlands Fox Of Highlands & Antonina Shevchenko Antonina + winter huntsman Winter Huntsman

Combo 3: Randall Miller War Machine + Fox of the Highlands Fox Of Highlands & Antonina Shevchenko Antonina + Eruptor Eruptor
Set3. W

For Defending: Adjutant Percy Percy + Fox of the Highlands Fox Of Highlands

Hopefully, you have found some of the best information regarding Anti-Tank Gun officers in this guide!

Guide by HunterBBQ

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