Warpath Army Compositions: Attacking & Defending Formations

In this article, let’s talk about the most basic army formation (composition) in Warpath for both defending and attacking. Tips and tricks are also included for the basic mindset whenever it comes to defending or attacking other players in Warpath effectively!

Let’s talk about the pros and the cons of different strategies so that you can have the best understanding whenever it comes to defending or attacking.

warpath best team compositions

Defense Formation Setup

  • 1 Anti-Tank Guns Anti-tank Gun
  • 2 Howitzer Howitzers
  • 1 Tank Hunter Tank Hunter
  • 1 Medium Tank Medium Tank

I like the Medium Tank Medium Tank as it’s very fast in the field and it has great stats in general. You can easily use this to pop in and out efficiently.

The Anti-Tank Guns anti-tank gun is going to be the number one against Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy Tanks. But you also want a more flexible one that has penetration, which is the Tank Hunter Tank Hunter.

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Tank Hunter Tank Hunter fires faster than the anti-tank gun. It can fire of almost immediately and can be helpful in a lot of situations. The only downside is that it has an attack range of 2 tiles.

When the enemies are surrounding your base, the Tank Hunter will do very well against all the other tanks that are crowded around it trying to sponge.

I use the Tank Hunter Tank hunter so I can easily take it out in some specific cases. The Martyrs Watch’s Tank Hunter has very high penetration that does very well against Heavy Tank Heavy and Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy Tanks who always try to taking damage.

The Howitzer Howitzer is a siege, it’s for base damage and it’s not about penetration!

Base 2 Base Composition

1x Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy Tank

4x Howitzer Howitzers

You definitely want to use the Howitzer Howitzers, which are Siege units! They do brutal base damage!

You want to have as many Howitzers as possible with only a single unit as a sponge, preferably a Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy.

Send the Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy or Heavy Tank Heavy first to attack the base and distract the firepower while having the Howitzer Howitzers firing from behind.

Once the units start taking lots of damage, just put them back in garrison and they can heal fast. They even can heal super fast if you have the Parts that buff the Garrison Recovery speed!

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Other Attacking Tips

When you attack, first you need to notice the enemy’s defending base setup.

If your target doesn’t have any Artillery, you can also set your Artilleries back 4 tiles from the base and get your sponge unit back until it doesn’t get hit by any unit except the base. Your Artilleries can freely attack the base.

Another example is when the target has 2 Rockets and 2 Artilleries, and Rockets can only attack within 3 tiles while Artilleries can attack within 4 tiles, you can use 1 Super Heavy tank to distract the defending units and drag back to the 4th tile where the enemy Artilleries can still attack him but the Rockets couldn’t. While the base is focusing firepower on the Super Heavy, you can freely use your Artillery or any other army to attack it.

This is a quite popular trick that is being by many players and you also want to make the most of it!

This is also why you want to try to put inside of your base an Artillery such as a Howitzer Howitzer because an anti-tank gun still has only an attack range of three grid spaces.

Preferably you want to have the Russian Howitzer because it is a defensive one!

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