Best Warpath Army Compositions

In this guide, we are going to give you the general idea regarding building the best possible PvE and PvP army compositions in Warpath.

There are 150 Warpath units right now and building the most effective combat composition from them is not easy at all. Hopefully, after reading this guide, you build up your own team with ease!

warpath best team compositions

Early-Game Team Compositions

During the early game, most units work fine for army setup!

Simply just use your strongest units and remember only use the safe green Assemble Units button. Never sacrifice the units that you don’t know about because they could be very strong units later in the game.

After that, you will want to have 1-2 Artillery units in your army when you are getting more into PvP battles.

Infantry units are great for the Campaign. They are excellent at taking damage and protecting your other units.

At the moment, there are a lot of commanders evolving around infantry units so it’s a loss if you don’t have at least an infantry army in your team. At level 20, if you have 2 Infantry units in your army setup, you can easily solo the Raven Bunker level 3 without any issue at all and can get to the max possible level of Campaign.

Only sacrifice units once you’ve started learning more about the game and know which are the best units to focus on in the long run.

In the mid game, It’s recommended to use different types of units in your team in the late game for different situations. At level 30, I am using Medium Tank, Heavy Tank, Tank Hunter, Anti-Tank, and Artillery unit in my Army!

At this point, when you have T5 units and you cannot level up all of your units, you will need to make choices regarding the top tier units to use. This also depends a bit on your luck when drawing cards!

Heavy Lion Tank

Note that Lion is one of the rarest tanks in the game because there isn’t any level 4 Lion. Always keep it and never use it to upgrade any other unit! It’s a beast in your late-game team composition!

Campaign Team Formations

Pushing higher in the campaign is very important because it gives you better passive rewards overtime, containing the unit’s EXP, ammunition, and materials for unit upgrades.

The higher you push in the Campaign, the more benefits you get in the long-term.

Never skip this if you don’t want to have troubles in the game later on.

During the early game, most campaign missions are quite easy. Just have 1 strong infantry unit in your team to tank for other units and you will be golden.

The keys things you want to remember are:

  • Try to activate the bunker as soon as possible, before it takes damage.
  • Use White Wolf and Angel of Light for your infantry army because they have the special skills for infantry.

If you don’t have any strong infantry unit ready, Super Heavy Tank or Heavy Tank can soak damage quite well but not good as the infantry. It’s also quite expensive to invest on the during the early game.

Campaign Army Setup

Depending on the campaign mission you are at, the army setup might vary. This is because the enemy army formations are different in each mission. Thus, you want to change some units in your team accordingly.

You generally don’t need to care much about the differences between the unit camps here. Simply use the best ones you have!

Infantry InfantryFront-lineSoaking damageSoak damage and protect the allies.
Heavy Tank Heavy Tank

Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy Tank

Front-lineSoaking damageReplacements for infantry
Medium Tank Medium Tank

Light Tank Light Tank

MiddleDamage DealerGreat for dealing with Artillery and Tank Hunters
Tank Hunter Tank HunterMiddleDamage DealerBest counter to heavy tanks.
Artillery HowitzerRearDamage DealerSuper useful at dealing with super-hevy tanks.
Launcher Rocket Launcher
RearSiege CounterCounters to bunkers and enemy infantry units.


How to use Campaign Team Formations

  • Always have your infantry bunker soaking damage for other units.
  • Use all of the other units to take down the enemies one by one, starting from the closet ones.
  • Consider modifying your units when getting stuck.
  • Follow the research guide for getting the best possible unit buffs in time.

Warpath Team Combat Roles

This is an open-field strategic video game, where you are staying on the map with quite a lot of players, you just cannot survive if you don’t know how to communicate with other players.

You want to be in an Alliance and want to have a specific role on the battlefield when there are wars.

There are a lot of roles but let’s just discuss the following ones in this guide to make it simple:

  1. Base-to-Base
  2. Tank Counter
  3. Sniper
  4. Rear Protector
  5. Garrison

Each role requires a different unit setup and different objectives and targets.

The table below shows basically how the troop counter system in Warpath works.

Light Tank Light TankHowitzer Howitzer
Tank Hunter Tank Hunter
ArtilleryAnti-tank Gun
Medium Tank Medium TankLight Tank Light Tank
Tank Hunter Tank Hunter
Heavy Tank Heavy TankMedium Tank Medium Tank
Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy TankHeavy Tank Heavy Tank
Tank Hunter Tank HunterHeavy Tank Heavy Tank
 HowitzerHowitzerInfantry Infantry
ArtilleryAnti-tank GunsSuper Heavy Tank Super Heavy Tank
Launcher Rocket LauncherInfantry Infantry

Base-to-Base Team Formation

Base-to-base is a very important strategy for the mid to late stage of Warpath. Base-to-Base is only effective when you can get your base close to the enemy base.

Base-to-Base Army Setup

The ideal units for B2B battles are Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy Tanks and Heavy Tank Heavy Tanks like Tiger and Lion.

If you don’t have Tiger or Lion, consider using Valentine or Churchill. They don’t have a lot of armor, which is crucial for this strategy, however, they have the 300% damage bonus against structures in the game.

The other units you want to have in your team setup should be ArtilleryAnti-tank Guns and Howitzer Howitzers.

The Anti-tank Guns from Vanguard Division have penetration damage bonus and 250% damage boost against vehicles but they. don’t have any damage bonus against structures. Meanwhile, Liberty and Soviet Howitzers have 300% and 250% damage bonus against structures.

Recommended units:

  • Tanks: Lion, Tiger, Valentine, Churchill
  • Anti-tank Gun: 8.8cm Flak, 7.5cm Pak
  • Howitzer: Zis 3, QF 17, QF 6-Pounder
Heavy Tank Heavy Tank
Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy Tank
Front-lineSoaking damageSoak damage and try to stay as long as possible.
Infantry InfantryFront-lineSoaking damageReplacements for H/SH Tanks if you don’t have any good one.
Artillery Anti-tank GunRearHowitzerSupports your formation against tanks.
HowitzerHowitzerRearSiege CounterRocket Launchers are not good in B2B battles. 2-3 Howitzers are recommended in this formation.

How to use Base-to-Base Team Formations:

  • Observe the target’s units before attacking! Do they have any troops in their base? What are the unit types they have?
  • If they don’t have any 4-tile range units, the battle will be a lot easier for you!
  • If they have mixed troops including Anti-tank Guns and Tank Hunters, you might want to change the tactics.
  • Relocate your base as close as possible to the target.
  • Make the first attacks using your Heavy Tanks or Super Heavy Tanks because they will be soaking damage. Once the enemy starts attacking your HT/ST, select all of your units to attack the base.
  • If the enemy is offline, wait until your HT/ST is at around 1/2 HP then recall all of your units to the base to regenerate, and then attack the enemy once all armies are full.
  • If your target is online, it’s a bit more challenging! If the enemy takes out his units and start attacking you, aim for the weakest units first (Anti-tank Guns, Howitzers, Rocket Launchers, etc.). Once you went low on HP, go back to your base to retreat then repeat.

Tank Hunter Team Formations

Tank Hunter role is a must-have role in any open-field combat where your main job is to deal with the enemy tanks.

In order to deal with the Super-Heavy tanks, 2-3 Artillery Anti-tank Guns and the rest contains Medium Tank Medium Tanks to protect your Anti-Tank Guns from the enemy Light Tanks and Tank Hunters.

If your target doesn’t have any Super-Heavy Tanks but has Heavy Tanks, use Tank Hunter Tank Hunters in your team formation!

For this strategy, It’s better to use tanks with high armor penetration (Soviet) rather than using tanks with high Firepower (Vanguard) or high Speed (Liberty).

If your target has Tank Hunters and Medium Tanks, you can use Light Tank Light or Heavy Tank Heavy Tanks to counter.

Recommended Units: 

  • Anti-tank Guns: 8.8cm Flak, 7.5cm Pak
  • Medium Tanks: T34, Sherman
  • Tank Hunters: SU-100, Nashorn.
  • Heavy Tanks: KV/IS, Tiger

Tank Hunter Army Setup

Heavy Tank Heavy TankFront-lineSoaking damageTakes damage, protects other units, counters Medium Tanks.
Medium Tank Medium TankMiddleDamage DealerGreat for dealing with Light Tanks and Tank Hunters
Tank Hunter Tank HunterMiddleDamage DealerBest counter to heavy tanks.
Artillery HowitzerRearDamage DealerSuper useful at dealing with super-heavy tanks.


How to use Tank Hunter Formations:

  • If the enemy has Super Heavy Tanks, you want to take them out as soon as possible. Protect your Anti-tank Guns and watch out for the enemy Light Tanks. Use Tank Hunters if the enemy uses Heavy Tanks instead of Super Heavy Tanks.
  • If the enemy has Medium Tanks, Light Tanks, or Tank Hunters, you want to focus fire on them using your Heavy Tanks / Medium Tanks first. You want to use tank wigh high speed in this situation as the opponent’s Light Tanks can retreat and heal quickly.

Sniper Team Formations

The main job of the Sniper is to destroy the glass cannons in the enemy formation as quickly as possible.

Targets: Anti-tank Guns, Howitzers, Rocket Launchers, etc.

This role requires a lot of practice. It doesn’t work well in long fights. It’s better to recall your troops and retreat frequently whenever needed.

Sniper Army Setup

The best choice for the Sniper role is Light Tank Light Tanks as they have great speed and good attack range for the cost of durability and armor.

Just a few hits towards the enemy Artillery units then retreat and you will be golden!

Because we all don’t want to invest everything we have into a lot of Light Tanks, it’s best to have some other high-speed units in your army composition, such as Tank Hunter Tank Hunters and Medium Tank Medium Tanks.

Recommended Units:

  • Light Tanks: M24
  • Medium Tanks: Sherman
  • Tank Hunters: M10, M18
Light Tank Light TankDamage DealerSergeant SpannerBloody MaryGreat counter to Tank Hunters.
Medium Tank Medium TankDamage DealerFox of the HighlandsGuardian of TruthGreat for dealing with Light Tanks and Tank Hunters

How to use Tank Hunter Team Formations

  • Find the weak point of the enemy team and the rear positions.
  • Don’t participate in long fights. It’s just not for you! Just take out some artillery units and then retreat. Even if you cannot take out any artillery, you are already taking out their Troop Reserve Capacity.
  • You need to retreat a lot for healing. Your main job is to take out the enemy glass cannons, remember!

Rear Protector Team Formation

Rear Protector protects your weakest units in the formation. They are the direct counter to the Snipers or Flankers.

Rear Protector Army Setup

Medium Tank Medium tanks are a direct counter to Light Tanks and tank Hunters. Since you don’t want to invest a lot of resources on 5 Medium tanks, you want to use also Tank Hunters and Heavy Tank Heavy Tanks in your team setup.

Soviet Medium Tanks are great for Rearguards since they have self-healing ability.

If you want to use Heavy tanks, Vanguard and Soviet tanks are all great. KV/IS is better in offense and Tiger is better in defense.

Recommended Units

  • Medium Tanks: T34, Sherman
  • Heavy Tanks: KV/IS, Tiger.
Heavy Tank Heavy TankSoaking DamageSergeant SpannerBloody MaryTakes damage, counters Medium Tanks.
Medium Tank Medium TankDamage DealerFox of the HighlandsGuardian of TruthGreat for dealing with Light Tanks and Tank Hunters

How to use Rear Protector Team Formation:

  • Always look around for the enemy flankers.
  • Play proactively.
  • Move your troops wisely to cover and protect the glass cannons wisely.
  • Retreat your army one by one. Never take them all to the base at once as it could create a huge weak point on the battlefield.

Garrison Team Formation

This is the best stategy whenever your alliance territory get an unexpected strike from the enemies.

Doing this strategy, you need to airlift your base right onto their armies. Don’t be scared because if you have the right team setup in your hands.

Garrison Army Setup

Most of the time, you will see enemies using Super Heavy Tanks, Heavy Tanks, or even Infantry protecting their siege units when raiding your bases.

Thus, you want to use ArtilleryAnti-tank Guns and HowitzerHowitzers being protected by Heavy TankHeavy/Medium TankMedium Tanks to deal with the enemies.

Usually, this strategy is best for players having high level base to be able to soak as much damage as possible.

Recommended Units

  • Heavy Tank: Any
  • Medium Tanks: Panzer / Sherman
  • Anti-tank Guns: 8.8cm Flak, 7.5cm Pak
  • Howitzers: Zis 3 / QF 6-Pounder.
Heavy Tank Heavy Tank

Medium Tank Medium Tank

GarrisonSergeant SpannerBloody MaryMust-have for getting enough output damage when your glass cannons are dealing with the enemy meatshields
Artillery Anti-tank GunsGarrisonAntonina ShevchenkoEruptorUse at least 2 Anti-tank Guns to take out the enemy protection line as fast as possible.
HowitzerHowitzersGarisonAntonina ShevchenkoEruptorUse at least 2x Howitzers to deal with the enemy infantry units. If the enemy doesn’t have any Infantry, swap out 1 Howitzers for Anti-tank Guns.

How to use Garrison Teams:

  • Ensure you have enough Reserve Troop Capacity before airlifting right onto the enemies.
  • You don’t want to use this strategy if your base is at a low level because you will get wiped out super fast.
  • Let the ones with the highest CC levels soaking damage.


Hopefully, after reading this guide, you can easily build up your own Warpath team formations with the best possible army setups in different situations of the game.

Don’t hesitate to comment down below if you have any question regarding building armies in the game!

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