Warpath Battle Pass

Warpath Battle Pass is one of the most indispensable parts of the game.

It’s available for all players, all if you are fine with spending a little bit, it’s the best bang for the buck!

Players even don’t have to pay a lot of attention to this! Just visit it every day to get the daily rewards, and you will finish all of the missions as you are playing the game.

What is Warpath Battle Pass?

Battle Pass is a special Warpath event that can be found in the System menu on the bottom navigator. During the event, players need to complete different missions to raise the level of the Battle Pass and earn rewards accordingly.

warpath battle pass

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When the event is running, Missions become open to all Commanders, and Basic Rewards access is unlocked. Players have 8 weeks to complete all of the missions. New missions will be unlocked every week.

Purchase the Battle Pass to unlock access to Exclusive Royalties, which costs around $15. Exclusive Royalties contain a lot of huge rewards, which are the items on the right side of the screenshot above.

Complete Weekly and Seasonal Missions to earn Points, which can be used to raise your Event Lvl and unlock access to greater Rewards.

Players can use Gold to purchase Battle Pass level, however, this is not recommended at all. Gold should only be used for VIP levels. From Lvl 80 and beyond, Gold can no longer be used to raise Event Lvl.

As each Battle Pass Season comes to an end, the Covert Masons vanish into the haze and the Event Lvl is reset.

Unclaimed Rewards are sent to Commanders via Mail and stored in Supplies.

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2 months ago

Is the battle pass purchase permanent? If it is I’ll probably buy it just wanting to know

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