All Warpath Buildings

Unlocking & leveling up the Warpath buildings give you access to different features of the game.

warpath buildings

At the moment, all of the Warpath buildings are Command Center, Factory, Research Center, Airport, and Barracks.

Each building has its own purposes: Training troops, researching technologies, producing resources, scouting the map, etc.

All Warpath Buildings

warpath command center

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Command Center

This is the Headquarter of your camp in the game. Upgrading Command Center helps unlock the higher level of all other buildings in the camp.

Via the Commander Center, you can requests the Airdrop supplies a few times every day, send the troops to the garrison, or to move your camp to a new location.

warpath research center

Research Center

This is where you research all of the technologies evolving around the military and economy. From here, you can research the techniques to make your armies stronger, unlock new types of units, produce resources faster, and a lot of other stuff.

warpath factory


The factory is where you produce different materials 24/7. These resources can be further used to upgrade buildings.

You can also disassemble the unused tools into craft materials here.

warpath barrack


Barracks are the houses of your army units: Tanks, soldiers, vehicles, etc.

Each barrack is an army and can be commanded by up to 2 Officers.

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warpath airport


The airport is mainly used for scouting. Players can send out the plane to clear the hidden maps and to find out the Raven forces. The higher level the airport is, the more planes you can send out.


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Frank Stalone
Frank Stalone
3 months ago

This content is out of date as of the 3.0 release

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