Martyrs’ Watch

Martyrs' Watch

Martyrs’ Watch (Soviet) is one of the three main faction camps in Warpath.

It is introduced in Chapter 5 of the tutorial all players have at the beginning of the game.

The first Martyrs’ Watch officer you unlock in the game during the tutorial is Mira Volkova.

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Martyrs’ Watch Officers

Antonina Shevchenko

Antonina Shevchenko

White Wolf

White Wolf



All Martyrs’ Watch Units

  • 152mm Howitzer M-10
  • 203mm Howitzer M1931
  • 210mm Howitzer Br-17
  • 305mm Howitzer Br-18
  • 76mm M1938 Air Defense Gun
  • 85mm Divisional Gun D-44
  • A-20
  • A-32
  • AK-47 squad
  • AK-47S squad
  • AKM squad
  • BM-13 Launcher
  • BM-21 Grad Launcher
  • BM-21P Launcher
  • BM-30 Launcher
  • BM-31-12 Launcher
  • BM-8 Launcher
  • BS-3 Field Gun
  • BT-2
  • BT-5
  • BT-7
  • Classic Howitzer
  • Guerilla squad
  • IS-1
  • IS-2
  • IS-3
  • ISU-122
  • ISU-152
  • KV-1
  • KV-2
  • Mosin-Nagant carbine squad
  • Mosin-Nagant squad
  • PPD squad
  • PPSh assault rifle squad
  • Prima Multiple Rocket Launcher
  • SKS squad
  • SMK
  • SU-100
  • SU-100M
  • SU-152 Beast Slayer
  • SU-76
  • SU-76i
  • SU-85
  • SU-85M
  • SVT-40 squad
  • T-28A
  • T-28C
  • T-34/57
  • T-34/76
  • T-34/85
  • T-35
  • T-43
  • T-44
  • ZiS-3

For the full list of units in game, please check out the Warpath units page.

Martyrs’ Watch Background

The red giants of the east have long been fearful of the rise of Raven and were unprepared for the magnitude of an invasion from such a formidable enemy. After the loss of millions of lives on the East European Plain, they became more aware than ever of the foe they were up against.

Lacking the unwanted complexities of Camp Liberty’s military structure, Martyrs’ Watch has a more uniform structure. Their powerful arsenal are their treasures and their rapid mobility and military prowess enable them to recover from initial setbacks on the battlefield and survive in endless battle against Raven.

In terms of industry, Martyrs’ Watch isn’t nearly as advanced as Raven or Camp Liberty. The simplest weapon designs are often used to achieve optimal performance and ease of maintenance. Martyrs weaponry yields superior results, particularly when attacking.

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