Father’s Day Event

Let’s celebrate Father’s Day with a huge series of events in Warpath! You just cannot ignore the rewards because they are huge, and very easy to obtain!

My Hero Event

My Hero Event

  1.  While the My Hero event is running, defeat Raven Troops or destroy Raven Bunkers and collect Dropped Supplies, complete Officer Missions with a Success Rate of 100% or collect Airdrops for a chance to earn Vinyls.
  2. Visit the Gramophone on the Musical Memories page and play Vinyls to earn Event Points and increase your Event Lvl to unlock lavish Rewards.
  3. Commanders can use Gold to unlock Premium Rewards which increase your chances of gaining extra Rewards.
  4. When the event draws to a close, your progress will be reset and unplayed Vinyls are removed from your Supplies.

fathers love event

Father’s Love

1. The Father’s Love event runs from June 17 through 23. Defeat Raven Troops or destroy Raven Bunkers on the Map and collect Dropped Supplies while the event is running for a chance to earn Lighters.

2. Visit the Timeless Bond page and use Lighters to claim Pipes, and use Gold to claim Pocket Watches an unlimited number of times. Alliance Points are earned each time Pipes or Pocket Watches are claimed. When Alliance Points reach 2000, all Members of the Alliance receive a Mystery Chest (max 10 for each Commander during the event). Mystery Chests must be claimed before the day ends.

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3. Alliance Members who join when an event is running cannot claim previous Mystery Chests. When you leave an Alliance, you’ll lose all unclaimed Mystery Chests. Think twice before changing Alliances.

4. Commanders can use Pocket Watches and Pipes to claim generous Rewards from the Father’s Day Store.

5. When the event comes to an end, unused items will be cleared, from your Supplies.

Path to Glory

Path to Glory

1. You are awarded a Father’s Day Point for each Mission you complete during the event.

2. New Missions are added each day during the first 5 days.

3. On Day 6, the event enters a Rewards Phase, during which Commanders can use Father’s Day Points to claim Rewards. Each Father’s Day Point can be exchanged for a Universal 5-Star Component (maximum 100 exchanges). Collect 50 Universal 5-Star Components to assemble a random 5-Star Unit.

4. During the Rewards Phase, Commanders are unable to complete Missions.

5. The Rewards Phase lasts for 24 hours.

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