How to Gain Warpath Power Fast

I have seen a lot of players asking about the best ways to gain power fast in Warpath, including getting tickets, gold, and other stuff for free.

If you are wondering how other free players gain their power so fast without even spending a dime, this guide is probably what you must read.

warpath gain power fast

How to Gain Power Fast in Warpath

Please do note that this is not a guide for new players. If you are new to the game, you probably want to take a look at the Beginner’s Guide and Beginner’s Tips first.

This guide is rather a daily grinding guide that contains the tips for all of the activities you must do every day for the fastest gaining. If you are in City level 1 and looking for getting to City level 2, 3, and higher, you can find some great information here.

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1. Daily Mission

I always suggest doing the Daily Missions due to the huge benefits it offers in the long term.

Players get 600 Gold and 1 Universal Coupon every day by just doing the normal activities that all players have to do.

This is literally the easiest way to get free resources in the game:

  • Building Upgrade & Research: You can even skip this if your upgrades require a very long time to complete.
  • Production: This is what you have to do every day so it’s super easy.
  • Rush: You can even use the 1-minute Rush to finish this.
  • Defeat Raven: You can defeat any level Raven and it doesn’t even cost Action Point unless you collect the loot.
  • Resource Collection: Simple things that you must do every day.
  • Airdrop: You do not want to use only 1 Airdrop for this mission. Use all of the Airdrops you have available for extra free resources. It even somestimes gives you an extra unit.
  • etc.

2. Jurisdiction

There are 6 Jurisdiction missions every day and each day it has a different event topic.

Every time the event resets, you have the chance to get the 2nd reward with ease and you can do it 6 times every day to get 200 Gold and a lot of rewards each time.

If you can time your building and research upgrades correctly, it’s not hard at all to get the biggest reward at least once every day and earn 2500 Gold and a lot of other resources for free.

Similarly, the Battle Honors and Grand Showdown are the same type of events that you must do every time you see them. It might be hard to get the top-tier rewards from these events at the beginning but it will be quite easy after you level up the City Honors Tree.

Many hard-core players even try to go do “dead” cities where there aren’t a lot of activities to rank up and earn the top-ranking rewards from these events.

Make sure to check out the event calendar correctly to grab all of the rewards from those events at once as they usually have the same requirements and you don’t want to waste your hard-earned resources.

daily vip chest

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3. VIP Level

The amount of free rewards players can get from the VIP chest every day is gorgeous!

At VIP level 9, you get 3 free camp coupon Camp Coupons as well as a lot of other resources every day. And this should be your top priority when it comes to spending Gold. It adds up every day and you will surely have huge loads of resources after a while.

At higher levels, you can even get Universal Golden Officer Statue Golden Officer Statue from the free chest as well.

Not to mention that there are a lot of valuable offers from the VIP Store that you shouldn’t miss.

officer mission

4. Officer Missions

The Officer Missions offer a chance to get free Universal Coupons and specific officer statutes by completing the tasks.

Just make sure you meet all of the mission requirements and your officer levels are high enough so that it can hit the 100% Success Rate, giving you the guaranteed reward chest.

Moreover, by doing this every day, you can level up the Camp Rank a lot faster, giving your army more potential buffs.

Campaign Store

Campaign Store

By grinding up in the Campaigns, players earn a lot of passive rewards every day even when going offline.

It’s always recommended to get as high as possible in the Campaigns so that you can get a lot of Campaign Coins, and then spend them to get whatever you want from the Campaign Store.

The Campaign Store refreshes every 3 days.

Ammunition Ammunition, universal coupon Universal Coupons, and Universal Golden Officer Statue Statue Officers are the ones that you want to get immediately once they are available here.

And if you are in Campaign chapter 6+, it’s worth it to spend a little Gold on the Rush Rewards 3 times every day (including the free ones) to make the most of the Campaign Coins. And yes, it’s totally worth it!

Campaign Store Warpath


If you want to spend a little bit of money in the game, max out Guardian of Truth Guardian of Truth would be the best bang for the buck! He is the best officer for tanks. He brings tons of value for you in the long term that shouldn’t be missed. If you ever want to spend in Warpath, maxing him out first.

Next, Arms Deals would be the second-best offer that you can ever get in the game. With only $10 per month, it gives you 3,000 gold up front, 1,000 gold Gold, and 1 universal coupon Universal Coupon for free every day. But the most important part is that you get extra Research Queue, 5% Production Speed, and 10% Recruit Speed, which is a crazy buff at the beginning of the game. You can research 1 more Technology at the same time, placing yourself over free-to-play players in Warpath no matter how hard they play. You don’t have to keep waiting to research the next ones.

Lastly, if you really love the game and want to try hard a little bit, unlocking the premium version of the Battle Pass is a must! It gives you a ton of resources as you grind in the game for just $15. Even if you are not able to complete all of the quests here, getting it is always worth the value, as long as you can get 50% of the missions completed.

unlock new units

Which Units to Upgrade

We will not talk about the best units in the game here as you can see more details in the Warpath Tier List page.

What we want to talk about here is the units you want to sacrifice.

When upgrading your units to 5/6/7 ⭐, you have to sacrifice some other units of the same Faction (or Camp).

Most players usually choose the units they already have but don’t use to sacrifice.

While it is not a bad move, you can actually try to upgrade the low-level units to the units that you haven’t unlocked yet to get the new unit rewards, which are quite gorgerous. And then after that, you can sacritice that “new” unit.

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