Top 3 Warpath Hacks for Free Gold & Materials

If you are new to the game, don’t miss out these most important Warpath hacks for getting free Gold, Materials, Rushes, and other resources every day for free!

warpath hacks gold resources

Top 3 Warpath Hacks for Free Gold & Materials


This is one of the best ways to not only get maps for city-level 2, building materials, and also gold Gold, especially when you first start out the game and you’re in city-level 1.

I am surprised that a lot of people don’t know about the plunder!

When they first start playing the game, you have to explore all the fog and whenever you complete scouting, it sends you a mail saying that they find ruins and other stuff but a lot of players don’t know about the plunder!

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Even if you scout everything, there would be a lot of miscellaneous rewards that are missing and people don’t know how to find them with ease if they just randomly find them,

Simply zoom out on the entire map and choose the “Search” function in the left corner, you will see all of the available gifts and plunders on the map! This is an easy hack that most Warpath players don’t know about!

free gold on map
Free gold on the map!

You will see a ton of free stuff on the map by doing this. And simply tap on each of them to get the rewards, including free Gold, maps, building materials, rushes, etc.

The plunder always gives you Gold. The amount of Gold you receive might vary but you will get 300 Gold in general per each Plunder.

plunder rewards
Plunder rewards

When you start playing the game, by just doing this, you can get up to 50,000 Gold for free to invest in VIP levels!

Raven Bunkers

I have just show you a quick way to get the materials for free, now I am going to show you a quick way to get the Rushes to speed up your researching and producing progress in the game.

Ideally, farming Raven Bunkers give you the best rewards for the amount of resources you spend on training troops & Energy.

raven bunker
Farming Raven Bunkers is the best way to spend energy points!

It’s also why I always recommend doing daily missions and events to get the rewards, including lots of Energy!

Although killing a Raven unit costs you less Energy and it gives materials, it doesn’t give you any Ammo. However, you want to have as much Ammo as possible to power up your units as it’s one of the rarest resources in Warpath. Meanwhile, you always can produce the building materials for free anytime!

Also, as you start increasing your VIP level and working on the technology, your material production time will get shorten tremendously, resulting in where defeating Raven Bunker is actually more beneficial than doing the Raven troops.

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Just try to attack as many Bunkers as you can, and don’t forget to ask for help from your Alliance members! The more Bunkers you destroy, the more rewards your Alliance members receive for free!

Warpath Alliance Gifts
Warpath Alliance Gifts for Defeating Bunkers

You receive 138 minutes worth of Rush for each lvl. 3 Raven Bunker.

If you manage to destroy 100 Bunkers per week, that is about 13800 minutes (11.5 days) worth of Rush! By doing this frequently, you can easily use these Rushes to get to the top of many events while also increasing the power of your accounts quickly.

event Jurisdiction warpath screenshot 3

Know events and schedule!

In the beginning, it’s not recommended to get to the last reward threshold in the Jurisdiction as it’s quite hard to get and the rewards are not worth the effort.

But once you started getting past level 23/24 base, some of your major upgrades are huge and can easily get you to the 3rd threshold.

Take a look at our Event Calendar page to see exactly when the events in Warpath start!

There are 6 Jurisdiction events every day. Each one’s duration is 4 hours.

If you can time it perfectly, you can participate in the Jurisdiction 6 times per day and get those rewards multiple times.

Once you’ve saved enough resources just by doing the recommended tips above, you can get tons of free rewards and even extra rewards if you can get to the top ranking during the Daily Arms event.

daily arms race top ranking rewards
Daily Arms Race Top Ranking Rewards


Above are just only some of our best Warpath hacks to get Gold and rewards for free.

There are still a lot of other ways such as doing easy daily missions to get 600 free Gold every day and many others!

A guide by Triple G Gaming.

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