Heavy Tank Vs. Super Heavy Tank

I have seen a lot of players asking whether it’s worth it to use Heavy Tank instead of the Super Heavy Tank in Warpath. In this article, let’s compare them with each other and see which is the better one for you!

Guide by H’s Games

super heavy vs heavy tank warpath

Heavy Tank vs Super-Heavy Tank

  • It’s much easier to summon and build up a 7.1 Heavy Tank Heavy Tank comparing to building up a Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy Tank as Heavy Tank is a 4-star unit while Super Heavy Tank is a 5-star unit.
  • Heavy Tank Heavy is much faster than Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy. Super Heavy Tank SH is very slow. It is even a lot slower when comparing with Liberty’s Heavy Tank.
  • When using SH, most of the time it is for the Base-to-Base strategy or for protecting the glass cannons on the open field due to its thick armor and high durability. But in exchange, it is very slow. So in general, you usually want to do the teleport to where you want to use SH and then bring it out.
  • Heavy Tank from Camp Libery has a much better movement speed and extra damage buff when attacking bases, up to 300%.

If you are at the early stage of the game (City 1 and early City 2), Super Heavy Tank SH is very strong because the B2B strategy is super effective during this time.

However, as you progress further in the game, people are using base-to-base lesser and lesser because the free space for teleporting is getting smaller, buildings and bases are covering almost the whole map.

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Also, seems like the battles are now requiring more teamwork, this is what Lilithgames want to have to avoid the situation when only a few strong players can carry the whole alliance.

In general, the B2B strategy becomes less effective in the late game, making Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy less important.

Why is the Heavy Tank better?

Example 1

In the battle, if your base gets destroyed first, what would you do? There are two options in general:

  • Ask for Help from Alliance Members and teleport to the battle immediately to continue the battle. But when you get there, you get destroyed again, and you just keep teleporting until you have zero teleports left.
  • Travel with your slow SH to the battlefield which is very far from your base. By the time you get there, your units get snipped down by half.

heavy vs super heavy 1

Example 2

When you attacking a city but there are only a few spots left for you to teleport as the map is almost covered. What would you do?

  • Teleport to that spot and waiting for the enemies to attack your base.
  • Use SH + Artilleries and walk through the enemy territory

Both of the options above are not good for you.

heavy vs super heavy 2

Example 3

During the Kill Event, if your Alliance doesn’t have any plan for it, you need to go alone to find the targets. But how would you do it? Travel a long distance with your slow SH + Artilleries, or teleport your base to the target position?

By using either strategy, by the game you get 10 kills, the others could get 50 kills and even more.

There are also some other events like attacking Raven Bunkers, etc. where you need to travel a lot. If you are using SH, it would take 2-3 hours to finish the event while other players only need to spend like 1 hour.

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The best strategy right now is participating in the long wars open the open-field to drain the enemy resources, not allowing them to regenerate their base to strike back.

To do this, you need fast armies with strong firepower. And the Camp Liberty Heavy Tank Heavy Tank can provide them all.

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