Best Infantry Officers & Combos

Below is the list of the best Infantry Officers in the current Warpath meta-game.

Infantry is always one of the must-have unit in the game, regardless of what people say. Although its role on the battlefield is not that great in general, it will carry you a lot in the Campaigns, especially during the early-mid game. Campaign is where it shines the most!

With that said, you still don’t need to invest heavily in them, unless you are at the very late game and have already maxed out a lot of other units, or unless your Alliance is a very competitive one and your position is to play Infantry.

What Are The Best Infantry Officers in Warpath?

White Wolf
White Wolf
SSpecial Skill adds 1 extra target, Active skill has 1.2k Damage, +45% ATK + 15% Bunker Resist. Great for Garrisoned & Bunker!
Florence Borden
Angel of Light
AHeals 500x4+25% + 15% Resistance + 50% Blast Resistance + 30% HP. Best for Infantry Bunker!
Adjutant Percy
A+20% HP + 50% Blast Resist + Special Skill gives allies 8% ATK. Good for Infantry Bunker!
Randall Miller
War Machine
BActive Skill has 1.3k Damage; 20% Reload Speed; +35% ATK - Best reload speed + ATK Buff!
winter huntsman
Winter Huntsman
BThe Special-Skill locks down enemy for 2s; Active skill has 1350 Damage; 15% ATK Bonus. Best Skill Damage & Lock.
Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary
CSpecial-Skill delays enemy for 2s in total; +15% ATK Bonus. You will have upper hand due to the delay!
Fox of the Highlands
Fox Of Highlands
D20% ATK Bonus - The last Option for Infantry!
Warpath Infantry Officers

Which Infantry Officer Pairings Should I Use?

Normally, it’s recommended to use 1 or zero infantry camp in your army composition.

In most cases, you don’t want to use them for fighting against other players. But If you have to, below are some of the best infantry officer pairings for you:

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Florence Borden Angel Of Light + White Wolf White Wolf

Randall Miller War Machine + Adjutant Percy Percy

Bloody Mary Bloody Mary + winter huntsman Winter Huntsman

Hopefully you have found some of the best information regarding Infantry officers in this guide!

Guide by HunterBBQ

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