Medium Tank Vs. Tank Hunter

The Super Heavy tank is very durable, used for base-to-base, very chunky, and have a lot of armor but it’s slow and there’s only three of them on the field if you have maxed camp. But the super heavies have a good place in a lot of armies! Some people like the heavy units because they sponge a little bit.

However, the question that most people have is “Which unit is better, Mediums or Tank Hunters?”

Medium vs Tank Hunter
M3 Medium Lee Tank

Medium vs Tank Hunter

If you want something that fires fast to a weak target such as Artillery, Medium Tank Medium is probably the better choice as it has better fire speed.

The Tank Hunter Tank Hunter is slower but it has better penetration.

The Tank Hunter, in its definition, is counter to Heavy Tanks. Why? Because a heavy tank or a super heavy is gonna have a lot of armor, which is good for Tank Hunter’s penetration.

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When you use Tank Hunter to deal with units that have lower armor such as Medium or Light, it’s over penetrating (the penetration is higher than 1.5x target’s armor depth) and you will only get 50% of the normal damage, which is bad. Tank Hunter should only be used for heavy or super heavy tanks where it can pierce perfectly and can one-shot or two-shot the targets.

The counter toTank Hunter Tank Hunter andLight Tank Light Tank is the Medium Tank Medium Tank.

It’s because the armor of Light is less than a Medium’s so the Medium should last longer.

The tank hunter fire slower, even though it penetrates, the penetration is usually on the ones that are tanky. The Medium is going to do better because its penetration is low, which matches more the armor of a tank Hunter or a Light, therefore you get the bonus of 150% more damage.

It’s all about matching your penetration to the target’s armor to really get that piercing and get the bonus damage!

For example, most units will do 6000-8000 damage but if you can get the penetration working, it would be 20,000 damage, and so on.


Each unit has its own advantages, like the Tank Hunters should go against Heavy Tanks. And Heavy can counter Medium Tanks well because it has a lot of armor where the Medium cannot get the penetration depth of the Tank Hunter’s, so the Heavy can last longer and can take down the Medium.

A guide by Triple G Gaming!

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