Bloody Mary (Dorothy Rodriguez)

Bloody Mary Dorothy Rodriguez

A Spanish secret agent with a taste for seduction. Known to others simply as Mary. Working underground as a double agent for the allies to get inside information on Raven’s weapons, she is viewed as a wartime legend on both sides.

Bloody Mary Basic Information

Aliases: Dorothy Rodriguez
Affiliation: Vanguard Division

Bloody Mary, or Dorothy Rodriguez, is an officer from Vanguard Division. Players can get her after completing one of the very first tutorial chapters in Warpath.

Bloody Mary Skills

Skill Description
Lethal Dose

Lethal Dose

Use Flash bombs to distract the enemies, dealing damage to the enemies and prolongs the opponent Officer Skill Prep Time by 1s.


  • Damage: +550 / +600 / +700 / + 850 / +1050
Targeted Weakness

Targeted Weakness

Increases troop damage.


  • Damage: +5%/+7%/+9%/+12%/+15%
Speed Demon

Speed Demon

Increases Unit Speed


  • Speed Increase: 3% / 4% / 5% / 7% / 10%
Combat Care

Combat Care

Unit Recovery increased per second.


  • Recovery: +1% / +1.5% / +2% / +2.5% / +3%
Blinding Flash

Blinding Flash

Skill Boost: Lethal Dose

Uses Flash Bombs to distract the enemy, affecting 1050 enemy units.

Prolongs the opponent Officer Skill Prep Time by 2s. Blinds the enemy units for 2s, they cannot target anything during this time.

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