Randall Miller (War Machine)

In Warpath, Randall Miller can be also known as the War Machine! He is an officer from Camp Liberty and was just introduced recently in the game. He is the first commander you get when first start playing the game.

Randall Miller

Randall Miller has a special knack for handling weapons and he’s always itching to gel out there and tight His veins pump with vigor and he shows no mercy to enemies. He carries his beloved Maxim machine gun which he recovered from the battlefield. Senior Officers from the Allied Forces describe him as the mighty War Machine.

Aliases: Warmachine
Affiliation: Camp Liberty

Randall Miller Skills

Skill Description
Raining Bullets

Raining Bullets

Deals continuous damage towards the enemies and increases troop reload speed. The effect lasts for 4 seconds when maxed.


  • Damage: +550 / +650 / +800 / +950 / +1200
  • Reload Speed: +4% / +5% / +6% / +7% / +10%
War Hero

War Hero

Increases troop attack damage


  • Damage: +5% / +7% / +9% / +12% / +15%
Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression

Increases troops firepower

Upgrades: Firepower +10% / +12% / +14% / +16%  / +20%

Free Will

Free Will

Boosts reload Speed

Upgrades:Reload speed +4% / +5% / +6% / +7% / +10%

Mighty Fighter

Mighty Fighter

Deals continuous damage towards the enemies (Dmg Coefficient 1300) and increases troop reload speed by 10%. The effect lasts for 8 seconds.


Born in the heart of Texas, Sergeant Miller is a skilled and experienced fighter. Well known among allies and enemies, if he gazes at you but doesn’t mock you, you can take it as a compliment. During the North Africa Campaign, an intelligence leak lead to a sudden enemy ambush. Sergeant Miller’s troops were swiftly wiped out, and he was punished and demoted to Sergeant. He took the ID tags of his soldiers and wore them himself. His determination in combat is spurred on by their memory… Sergeant Miller is a master of weaponry. He’s familiar with handling all kinds of materiel, but most of all, the Maxim machine gun which allows him to pour out all his anger and resentment on his enemies in flames of fury.

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