Paratrooper Invasion Event Guide

Everything you want to know about the new interesting Paratrooper Invasion event in Warpath!

Paratrooper Invasion Summary

This is the new PvE event where only alliance officers and leaders can launch the event at any time if there are 10 or more members online! The alliance members that are offline can still participate!

Paratrooper Invasion gameplay

The event comes in 5 difficulty levels you may only select one level at each time.

If you pull out before achieving victory, or your defense fails to withstand the invasion, it will be counted as a loss!

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The base durability will be restored to its original level after the event finishes!

Players will earn points and alliance points for wiping out incoming paratroopers or defending alliance members!

Higher points and align points lead to better rewards such as parts, blueprints, materials, and many more!

Paratrooper Invasion Warpath Screenshot

Paratrooper Invasion Event Rules

1. The Paratrooper Invasion is a united effort by our Alliance to fend off the insurgence of Raven Paratroopers.

2. As the event unlocks, Alliance Officers and Leaders may launch the event, at which point an Invasion begins (requiring at least 10 Alliance Members online). Alliances can only launch a Paratrooper Invasion once per event.

3. When an Invasion begins, Raven puts all Commander Bases in the Alliance under gridlock as they send their Raven Paratroopers pelting down from the sky. These aggressive Paratroopers start attacking Commander Bases with full force.

4. The Invasion comes in 25 unforgiving waves. Every 5th wave is an Elite Raven Troop.

5. Raven Paratroopers only attack targets under gridlock. Defeat orn Points and earn additional Alliance Points at the same time.

6. Commanders whose defense is broken twice are eliminated, at which point Raven stops sending their Paratroopers in to attack. If all Alliance Members who joined the event get eliminated, the Invasion event comes to an end.

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7. At least 15 Alliance Members must successfully fend off all the invading Paratroopers in order to unlock the next difficulty level.

8. As an Invasion starts, Base Durability for all Commanders not in combat gets set at 100%. During the Invasion, Base Durability returns to 100% when Raven Paratroopers are defeated. When the Invasion finishes, Base Durability is reset back to its value, before the Invasion started.

9. Commanders who Relocate their Base or perform an Airlift or Teleport during an Invasion are auto-eliminated from the event and considered banished targets by Raven.

10. Alliance Members may not leave or be removed from an Alliance during a Paratrooper Invasion.

Additional Info

1. An Invasion can last up to 35 minutes, after which the defense is deemed a failure.

2. Rewards are only unlocked when both Points and Alliance, Points reach the required amount. Rewards can be claimed based on the Rewards Level unlocked by the number of Points and Alliance Points earned. When an Alliance Invasion is over, Rewards are sent out via Mail.

3. If Raven Paratroopers are blocked by a player such that they cannot emerge or attack, this player is deemed as eliminated from the event.

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