How to Power Up Units Fast

In this guide, we are going to show you some of the best and unique ways to upgrade and strengthen your units in Warpath as fast as possible!

When upgrading units, a lot of new players only care about upgrading the level fast but there’s three different ways to strengthen your units!

You need to upgrade the level of units, modify them and then you need to put some great parts into them!

How to Power Up Units in Warpath

upgrade unit levels

Upgrade Unit Levels

The upgrade section is mainly going to deal with Arms XP and Ammunition.

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Ammunition Ammunition is the thing that you need because you almost always have enough Arms XP to use so it’s not that big a deal.

  • One of the best ways to get Ammunition is via the Campaigns, you will want to get in Campaigns as high as possible to max out the passive rewards, especially the Ammunition!
  • The next thing is to check your Supplies and make sure that you have enough energy for spending on farming Bunkers with your Alliance members, especially during the Bunker events. Bunkers offer a decent amount of Ammunition that you shouldn’t ignore.
  • The next thing is you can always go to your VIP shop, this is why I encourage people to always upgrade VIP levels as much as possible!
  • Always check out the Black Market, at the bottom, it almost always has Components, Materials, and Ammunition at a great discount!

I recommend checking those out every day you play the game to ramp up!

It’s just a really good way to constantly push towards upgrading your Warpath units.

modify units

Modify the Units

The next thing is the Modification section, which is kind of a double headed sword because you need star level to increase to be able to unlock the next tier of the Modifications and then you also need Components to be able to upgrade thhis.

Components Components are hard to get.

Sometimes you can get lucky on the airdrops, they’re not that much. The Warpath events barely give you any. You can get only 20 Components from the final chest of the event Jurisdiction.

That’s why it’s a double-headed sword.

You need your star level to increase the Modification.

First off, you need the coupons, which are are crucial to get enough units in your inventory constantly.

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Using coupons gives you a huge amount of 3-star units (their droprate is 61%), which can be further disassembled for Components. This is probably the best way to get  a lot of components.

You can also get the Components via the VIP Store, but you need VIP level 13. Now you know the important of VIP as well as Components in this game. It will take you a while to get to VIP level 13, but it’s totally worth it!

unit parts

Equipping Parts

The parts require materials and also blueprints to make.

You can get the Blueprints from the Campaigns as the rewards when you completing missions.

But you still need to materials to create those Parts. If you are high in Campaigns, you can get a lot of Campaign Coins and can spend them in the Campaign Store to get those Materials. In addition, disassembling Parts give you some Materials.

Once again, Black Market is another great way for you to find the Materials!

power up warpath units


So those are some of the things that you can do every single day to upgrade your units and strengthen them further.

If you have some awesome tips and tricks for powering up the units, leave it down in the comment section below!

A guide by Triple G Gaming

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3 days ago

Like the game but too expensive your pacs have little or nothing in them if you want me stay and so far spent hundreds for very little

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