Best Rocket Launcher Officers & Combos

Below is the list of the best Rocket Launcher Officers in the current Warpath meta-game.

Rocket Launcher is somehow one of the most unique units in Warpath. It’s one of a kind and if you are a fan of the Martyr’s Watch, you just cannot ignore it. At the moment, Rocket Launcher is having a hard time finding a decent spot in people army composition, but having it on the battlefield is always an interesting move that could catch people off-guard.

If you are falling in love with it, we guarantee that you are finding some great information in this guide!

rocket launcher officers

What Are The Best Rocket Launcher Officers in Warpath?

Antonina Shevchenko
SSpecial-Skill +1 extra Grid; Active skill has 1.2k+50% damage; 30% ATK Bonus. The most Overpowered officer for this job!
winter huntsman
Winter Huntsman
ASkill 1.3k Damage + 15% ATK + 15% Resist + Special Skill has 2s Lock for skill-and-run). Overall: Skill and Run.
Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary
BSpecial Skill delays enemy for 2s in total. +15% ATK. You always have a great advantage when fighting.
B+10% Reload Speed, +30% ATK, +12% AoE - Great for AoE

Below are the best officer pairings for the Rocket Launcher in Warpath.

Antonina Shevchenko Antonina + winter huntsman Winter Huntsman
Antonina Shevchenko Antonina + Bloody Mary Bloody Mary
Antonina Shevchenko Antonina + Eruptor Eruptor

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Hopefully, you have found some of the best information regarding Rocket Launcher officers in this guide!

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