Theater of Conquest: Moscow (Level 4 City Event)

The new Warpath game-mode Theater of Conquest: Moscow (Level 4 City Event) is coming soon with tons of new activities, maps, and rewards!

Warpath Conquest Moscow

Theater of Conquest: Moscow

  • New snowing city level 4 – Moscow
  • New buildings:
    • Kremlin: This strategic place is the pinnacle of Glory in Moscow, and rests in the heartland of this territory.
    • Forts: Forts enable either an attack DMG or DMG Resist Buff for Alliance Members. 4 Forts provide attack buffs and another 4 forts provide resist buffs.
    • Settlements: Alliances can capture these to allow its members access to more exclusive Arms EXP and Ammo on the Black Market.
    • Blockhouses: These defensive fortifications activate troop durability or troop firepower buffs (Four Blockhouses for each buff).
    • Arms Factories: These Factories provide Alliance Members with a 5-star unit every 2 days after 12AM UTC.
    • Gold Deposits: Collection sites where commanders can mine Gold.
  • New achievement demonstration – seasonal medals, and so many more!

Theater of Conquest: Moscow Participation Processes:

The event takes place in 5 stages: Preselection, Matching, Warm-up, Conquest, and Reward!

Preselection Phase

Alliances in the same server undergo an intense contest for 8 days to decide who will qualify for the Conquest: Moscow.

The top 32 Alliances will be qualified for Conquest: Moscow. The number will vary due to different active player numbers in different servers.

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The qualified Alliances will be locked that player cannot join or leave the Alliance, and the Alliance cannot disband. The locking state continues until the end of Conquest: Moscow.

Matching Phase

Your Adversaries will be selected from the qualified Alliances. Groups will be formed with 8 Alliances in each to enter the Conquest.

The matching will only take place within the same server for now.

Warm-up Phase

A Warm-Up Round is held before entering the Battle of Moscow, where alliances contend for alluring buffs.

Conquest Phase

The Warm-Up Round then closes as the War in Moscow kicks off. Alliance Members representing their League in the War can then enter Moscow to fight in the War.

Every 8 Alliances will be assigned into one match for the fights, but only one will win.

While the Conquest: Moscow is in progress, participating Commanders can move into Moscow from cities around the world for free, and can spend 1 Entry Permit to move back to the original city during this phase.

Reward Phase

After the Conquest Phase ends, all Commanders who participated will earn the new officer: Ivan Andreyevich Volkov (Winter Huntsman), and his beloved dog Shemyaka.

The higher rank you and your Alliance have, the more rewards you will get.

Alliance leaders will be able to assign extra rewards to those who perform the best during Conquest: Moscow.

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