Warpath Tips for New Players

Here are the best Warpath tips and advice we want to give for new players to have a better start in the game!

warpath tips

Best Warpath Tips for New Players


  1. After getting the buildings to level 15, start saving your resources and only upgrade your buildings, research technologies, draw units, during the events.
  2. Getting the second prize in Jurisdiction is enough. You don’t need to spend everything you have to get the last prize. The only time you want to get the last prize is when it’s resource collecting event.
  3. Store the resources in your Supply inventory. Avoid opening them until the right events. Canculate the amount you need to get all event rewards before actually spending them so you won’t not waste any.
  4. Know your limits. If you don’t have enough resources to get event rewards, then just don’t commit in it.
  5. Always pay attention to the Event Calendar so that you can get all of the event rewards at once.
  6. In the day at some point, the Arms Race event and Jurisdiction event both have almost the same requirements. This is the best time for you to spend to double the rewards!
  7. If you have enough resources to get the top 1 in Arms Race, you should spend them all fast and hard at the last few minutes of the event to prevent the other players from striking back on the leaderboards.
  8. Pre-que the event-related activities so that you can max out the potential of getting all of the rewards when the event starts. For example, time and set up a huge research for the upcoming research-related event!

Spending Gold

  1. Never spend Gold on unit tickets for the full price.
  2. It’s best to get to VIP 5 as soon as possible and aim for getting to VIP 8 as a free player.
  3. Buy all Rushes in the Black Market if they are cheap enough. Buy all coupons there if possible as well.
  4. Refresh the Black Market 1-2 times if. you have enough Gold from the daily activities to get those mentioned items.

Black Market

  • The best sources to get unit coupons at the moment are from Events and Black Market. They give you enough coupons to participate in events requiring unit coupons.
  • Black Market gives a lot of great deals. You can get military fundssteelCrude Oil at 60% discounts. For example, you can buy 500kmilitary funds there by spending just… 300kmilitary funds.
  • Black Market opens at 00:00, 08:00, and 16:00 UTC time. However, there are chances it also pops up when you finish research or building.

Farming Resources

  • Farming resources in your Alliance territory gives you 25% farming speed.
  • Farming bunkers is a lot more efficient than farming regular troops. You will get Rushes from bunkers, giving you more materials per energy spend. Rushes can also be stored to use during events.
  • Level 3 bunker gives 25% more rewards wise. It’s best to farm only level 3 bunkers with your Alliance members and do your best to avoid troop loss such as focusing on everything popping out of the bunker as soon as possible.
  • It’s recommended to explore the fog using the Airport whenever you can to collect the rewards on the map. This gives a lot of building materials and Gold. A tip is to zoom out of the map, then select option Search as shown in the screenshot below. The game will now show only chests that can be collected! Grab up to 50,000 Gold for free!
    free gold on map


  • Bluestacks allow playing Warpath on PC in landscape mode, helping you enjoy the game much more!
  • Explore map: At the beginning of the game, join an Alliance as soon as possible. At this time, Alliance members will be spread all around the map as there isn’t any Alliance territory yet. Find the furthest Alliance member and scout the fog next to them. Your planes will have some very long flight, saving you a lot of time!
  • Try to explore the map as much as possible without using the Military Maps because you can exchange them for 3-minute Rush later!
  • Only use the Universal Rushes for researching Technologies in the Research Center. Never spend Universal Rushes for producing materials.
  • Researching Industry first is recommended for all free players. It helps you farm a lot faster and reduces the reseearching time of all top-tier techs by a lot!
  • After working on the Industry tab, you want to focus on the City Honor tree to boost your points in the Daily Arms Race event.
  • Never let your Energy at full as it generates overtime.
  • Progress as far as you can in the Campaign to maximize the Campaign Rewards, which are generated overtime! Also, only use Rush at the end of the day because it’s when you have the highest possible Campan Reward Efficiency, after pushing to the highest possible campaign chapter.
  • If you are planning to spend a little bit on Warpath, I highly recommend getting the Arms Deals package to have +1 Researching Queue, +5% Production Speed, +5 Recruit Speed, and a lot of other rewards in 30 days.

arms deals warpath

  • After leveling up the Operations Base Command, it’s recommended to upgrade your Research Center next.
  • Keep doing office missions to earn rewards and level up your officers.


  • Save your 3-star units and disassemble 1 every day for the daily tasks.
  • Assembling: You shouldn’t use the same copy of the unit you are focusing on to upgrade it from 4.1⭐/5.1⭐/6.1⭐… to 5⭐/6⭐/7⭐ because:
    • Assembling an unit from 4⭐/5⭐/6⭐… to 4.1⭐/5.1⭐/6.1⭐… requires the same copies of that unit.
      assemble unit 2
    • Assembling an unit from 4.1⭐/5.1⭐/6.1⭐… to 5⭐/6⭐/7⭐… requires units from the same camp.
      assemble unit 1
  • Unit Upgrades: Use the parts from the same camps of the Warpath units to get the 30% bonus. For example, Build the Vanguard parts for Vanguard units. Etc.
  • Later in the game, you want your team composition to have Assault (Rocket Launchers, Artilleries, Tank Hunters) and Vanguards (Light, Medium, Heavy Tanks, and your best Infantry).
    • Recommended team for free-to-play players: 2 Tank Hunters, 2 Infantry teams, 1 Rocket Launcher.
  • Assign your Officers to the suitable units: For example, Jack Spanner is great for Tanks, White Wolf is great for Infantry, etc. To boost the overall performance.
  • Train your units equally. Don’t waste all of your components on maxing out 1 unit. Instead, work on your best 5 equally.

Battles Tips

  • Attacking a base: It’s best to attack the enemy base using a team. Put your Infantry at the front and activate the bunkers (they will take a lot less damage). One artillery unit can deal more damage than your entire  team. Watch the fight closely because the enemy could exit the city or you might need to protect your artillery or rockets. Go back when your other units get hit but not the infantry.
  • Defending a base: The best way to defend your base is to place it near/between raven bunkers. Whenever you get attacked, you can hit the raven bunkers nearby then garrison. The Ravens will appear and attack the enemies. They will protect you! You can also sometimes get out of the base for a few seconds to deal with rockets and artillery.
  • Fighting in open-field: Never attack the enemy garrisoned infantry. Target Rockets – Artillery, or TD first. Use all of your unit fire on a single target. Ony by one. Always protect your rockets.
  • When your base gets attacked, you get defeated and all of your units will come out from the base. If you don’t want to give the enemies kills, you can actually “delete” your units by tapping on each army unit then press Remove! You will get resources as the refund!
    remove troops trick
  • Officers: Use specific officers for specific units to get bonus damage!
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