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Latest Warpath Updates

Version 1.0.3

New Officer: War Machine – Randall Miller

He was born in the heart of Texas and is a skilled fighter, well known hero among the allies and enemies. 

  • Raining Bullets: Deals 1200 damage towards the enemies using his machine gun, increases the troop load speed by 10%. Buff lasts for 4 seconds when maxed.
  • War Hero: Troop Damage Attack +15% when maxed.
  • Fire Suprression: Troop Firepower +20% when maxed.
  • Free Will: Load Speed +10% when maxed.
  • Mighty Fighter (Revival Skill): Increases the active skill’s damage to 1300 and buff duration from 4s to 8s.

Available for everyone to get once he is released!

Power Grade System (New Feature)

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Adds a new feature allowing players to increase the combat performance of units. The Power Grade is calculated by each unit power. There are 10 different Grades which are based on the Power of the units. Additional buffs are granted when you meet the requirements.

The old commander kills now get converted into the new Power Grade.

The Combat Drills event where people can get points by killing the enemies will now get optimized for the new Power Grade System.

This new Power Grade system gives players a clear picture of how well their units are, helping it easier to compare the units with the others.

Alliance Optimizations

  • Helps other Alliance players reduce their research time and reduce the base recovery time by using the new Assist function.
  • Alliance Leader can now directly abandon Villages in other cities.
  • Leaders and Level 4 members can now build Villages when there are any Alliance member base staying in the Village territory.
  • Added new alliance Flags, including national flags.
  • Alliance members can now invite people to the Alliance.
  • People can now join an Alliance directly via the Alliance Info panel.
  • All Alliance Members can now view the Alliance Central Command.
  • Changing Leadership now requires a confirmation.

World Map

  • Tel Aviv is now changed to Erbil and the geo location has been adjusted.
  • Players now can see the name of the city the Transport Node is connecting to.
  • Added new posts to Lvl 1/2 City Combatant Commands and enhanced the attributes of Lvl 1 City Supreme Commanders.
  • Added new buffs for Lvl 1 City Supreme Commander: Production Speed +5% and Research Speed +5%.
  • Added new buffs for Lvl 1 City Deputy Supreme Commander: Resource Collection Speed +5%.
  • Added buffs for new post Lvl 1 City Defense Minister: Base Firepower +3% and Base Durability +3%.
  • Added buffs for new post Lvl 1 City Arms Minister: Firepower for all Camps +3% and Durability for all Camps +3%.
  • Added buffs for new post Lvl 1 City Construction Minister: Research Speed +3% and Production Speed +3%.
  • Added buff for new post Lvl 1 City Resource Minister: Resource Collection Speed +5%.
  • Added buffs for new post Lvl 2 City Vice Defense Minister: Base Firepower +3% and Base Durability +3%.
  • Added buffs for new post Lvl 2 City Vice Arms Minister: Firepower for all Camps +3% and Durability for all Camps +3%.
  • Added buffs for new post Lvl 2 City Vice Construction Minister: Research Speed +3% and Production Speed +3%.
  • Added buff for new post Lvl 2 City Vice Resource Minister: Resource Collection Speed +5%.

Other Optimizations

  • All Tech research items are now displaying the Power Boost stats they offer.
  • Strategy Books are now renamed to Officer EXP Books.
  • Production Lines renamed as Queues.
  • When selecting units for Assembly, Army units are now greyed out instead of getting hidden.
  • Optimized Battle Reports for Base Garrison.
  • Acquired Part Blueprints do not show the remind checkbox anymore.
  • Airlifts can now be used directly in the inventory.
  • Added a picture of the units on the line they are moving. Distance is now displayed as a flashing number.
  • Urban Combat Plan now moved to the main page instead of the Events page.
  • Switching Officers/units are now added to the Army interface.
  • Added a new Officer tab in the Supplies menu.

Data Optimizations:

  • Fox of the Highlands: Increased Lightning Strike Skill Dmg Resist from 2/3/5/7/10% to 4/5/6/7/10%.
  • Bloody Mary: Increased Speed Demon Skill Troop Speed from 23/4/5/7/10% to 4/5/6/7/10%.
  • Chapter Missions: Added new missions to Chapters 14-21.
  • Chapter Missions: Officers acquired from completing Chapter Missions have seen some changes. The Angel of Light is now acquired at the end of Chapter 15 (originally Chapter 7) and Percy is now acquired at the end of Chapter 7. This change won’t affect Commanders who have already acquired these Officers.
  • Chapter Missions: The Mission to join an alliance in Chapter 6 and the Mission to Complete Campaign 1-4 in Chapter 5 have now been swapped.
  • Daily Missions: Daily Missions Rewards have been reduced from 9 to 5 when Activity reaches 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 respectively. Adjusted Activity for Daily Mission Rewards and repackaged the Daily Missions Rewards without affecting the overall value of Rewards.
  • Airport: Increased benefits from upgrading Airport. In the new update when Commanders upgrade their Airport, the Scout Plane speed will be increased and when Commanders extend their Airport, the Scout Plane radius will be increased.
  • Reduced Research time for Compulsory National Service (Military branch) to 15 minutes.

Version 1.0.2

  • Tapx2 on a map grid to move the selected units there.
  • Tapx2 on a the enemy to attack using the selected units there.
  • Map resources (Plunder, Airdrops, Raven Supplies) can be collected by double tapping.
  • Double taps the Infantry to Garrison.
  • Auto-attack range reduced from 5 to 4 grids.
  • When using auto-attack and there is no target around, but allies are doing combat within 7 map grids, the units will automatically get there. Closer targets have more priority.
  • Covert Masons Pass available from 2021 January. A lot of missions available. Complete them to get the rewards!
  • Christmas Events with a lot of rewards. Let’s enjoy the Christmas together!
  • Added new language: Polish.
  • Optimized Claim All function in Mail. Now claims only rewards in the current tab.
  • Alliances now unlock at Commander level 4.
  • Increased the difficulty level of some Campaign Chapters 4+

Version 1.0.1

  • New Alliance layout, giving players much more easier accesses.
  • Alliance Gifts: Whenever an Alliance member purchases a package or defeats Raven Bunker, all Alliance members will receive a gift.
  • New Research tree in the Research Center – City Honors – Unlocked at City level 2.
  • Added a tech buff in City Honors that increases the Daily Points & Rewards in Grand Showdown & Arms Race event.
  • Reduced Rewards in the first 3 reward bundles in Arms Race event but increased rewards in Bundle 4-9. Unlock this via the City Honors.
  • Added Starter Pass teleport, allowing new role to move to another city for free. Commander level must be lower than 11 and is not in any Alliance.
  • After moving to the new city, all of the explored fog is reset. The Map rewards will not get reset.
  • Added Avatar Frame section. warpath avatar frame
  • Armament Chests: Chance of getting a Free Coupon every 24 hours.
  • Mail: Players now can remove all read mails.
  • Improved Search function.
  • Jurisdiction Event loop reduced from 8 hours to 4 hours & adjusted the difficulty + rewards.
  • Arms Race: Removed Entry Permit from the Rewards.
  • Officer Missions: Increased Rewards for Missions that have 100% Rate.
  • Officer Missions: Increased Officer EXP in Chests but reduced in the Missions.
  • Daily Missions: Added Strategy Books mission, removed the Officer Promotion Mission.
  • Increased Range of Commander and Raven Bases to 5.
  • Converge Command unlocked at Commander level 12.

Version 0.16.0

  • Players now can double-tap on units to select all of the units nearby.
  • Added Halo on top of the targets when players drag armies onto them to attack.
  • Added territory borders when Airlifting base or enable base.
  • Raven Bunker icons are now bigger on the World Map.
  • Firepower information now has clearer statement.
  • Tap on unit Firepower information to see the detailed Splash Damage.
  • Added Blast Damage Resistance & Kill Radius information for all units.
  • Skill Information of the locked Officers now show up.
  • Added more tabs for Supplies.
  • Redesigned the Officer Missions menu.
  • Optimized Campaign Screens.
  • Fixed bugs

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