Warpath Update Version 1.06

Hi everyone, below is the complete changelog of the upcoming Warpath Update v1.06.

warpath update

World Map Optimization

1. Optimized the Mobilization Mission Rewards in Lvl 1 City Urban Combat Plan, replacing 1 Transfer Instruction with 2 Entry Permits. When you load up the new update, you’ll find we’ve delivered 2 Entry Permits to you via Mail.
2. Improved the Teleport view such that you can directly view any Cities with open gates.

Functional Optimizations: Campaigns

Added Stats to Campaigns so that at the end of a Campaign when the Victory or Defeated screen appears, Commanders may now tap on the Campaign Stats icon (top right) to view detailed information on your battle performance. Campaign Stats include your Units and their Power Grades, My Kills/Hostile Kills, Unit Dmg Dealt, Officer Dmg Dealt and Dmg Suffered.

Functional Optimizations: Alliances

1. Alliance Leaders and Officers may now view the color of their territory border when designing their alliance Flag.

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2. Readjusted the rules for Tech Contributions such that if an alliance Member leaves an alliance, their Tech Contributions are cleared. When they join a new alliance, they may make Tech Contributions using Gold after 24 hours.

3. Alliance Officers and Leaders can now place Alliance Tags on the Map of other Cities they are viewing.

4. The Strategic Places occupied by alliances are now displayed according to the City they are in, making it easier for alliance Members to view them.

New Tech Branches

Added new Tech branches to the Research Center—City Defense and Advanced City Defense. The City Defense Tech branch unlocks when Commanders enter Lvl 3 Cities. Completing research under this branch raises Base Combat and Defense capabilities. Once you have City Defense unlocked in your Research Center, you can continue by researching Advanced City Defense.

Combatant Command

1. Added notifications badge for Supreme Commander changes so that Commanders get a notification on the City screen.

2. Added notifications badge when City Posts become available so that City Officials are notified that there are appointments to assign.

Data Optimizations

1. Increased the strength of Raven Bases of all levels in Lvl 1 Cities.
– Lvl 2 Raven Bases: Increased overall Firepower and Durability by 40%
– Lvl 3 Raven Bases: Increased overall Firepower and Durability by 40%
– Lvl 4 Raven Bases: Increased overall Firepower and Durability by 33%
– Lvl 5 Raven Bases: Increased overall Firepower and Durability by 28.6%
– Lvl 6 Raven Bases: Increased overall Firepower and Durability by 25%

2. Adjusted level of Raven Bases displayed on the Map (without any changes in Power to Raven Bases in Lvl 2 or Lvl 3 Cities) as follows:
– Lvl 1 Cities: Lvl 2/3/4/5/6 Raven Bases are now displayed as Lvl 11/17/20/22/24.
– Lvl 2 Cities: Lvl 7/8/9/10/11 Raven Bases are now displayed as Lvl 25/26/27/27/28.
– Lvl 3 Cities: Lvl 12/13/14/15/16/17 Raven Bases are now displayed as Lvl 28/29/29/29/29/30.

Other Optimizations

1. Increased the number of Roles that can be created per Server to 20.
2. Increased the number of VIP levels so that it now goes up to VIP 20 and added new privileges, Gifts and more offerings in the VIP Store for VIP 16-20.
3. Enhanced the appearance of Officer Randall Miller who now appears in 3D.
4. Commander Name: All Commander Names will now be displayed in the same default font color.

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