Warpath Update Version 1.08

Hi everyone, below is the complete changelog of the upcoming Warpath Update v1.08.

warpath update

Campaign Store

A new Store is going into added into the Campaigns interface, offering some important goods that help players progress in the Campaigns easier.

  1. Players can use Campaign Coins to purchase Ammo and other valuable items here.
  2. Campaign Coins will replace Ammo and Parts in the Campaign Rewards.
  3. The Campaign Store level increases as you purchase items here. Increase its level to unlock more Part Materials, Blueprints, and even Universal Officer Statues!
  4. Once the update goes live, the commander’s Store level will be set based on the current campaign progress.

Alliance Store Optimization

The Alliance Store will have some great optimizations! At the moment, only Alliance Officers can use the Alliance Points to restock items while other members don’t have any access to the wider ranger of items.

  1. Commander Credits will be replaced by Alliance Contribution Coins.
  2. Players can contribute to Alliance Tech, Alliance Assists, building Alliance Structures to earn the Alliance Contribution Coins.
  3. All members can now restock items weekly. Alliance members can use the Alliance Contribution Coins to purchase items here.
  4. War Machine Statues, Parts Blueprints, and Parts Materials are available.
  5. New Alliance Tech Research Items: Supplies System, Armory, and Industrial Revolution. Unlocking them to get the Premium Goods in Alliance Store.
  6. When collecting resources in the Alliance territory, players will receive Alliance Contribution Coins instead of Alliance Crates. The more resources you collect, the more Coins you get.
  7. Once the update goes live, the Commander Credits will be converted into Rush Options.
  8. Reset all Skill Levels of Radan Millers to level 1. All of the Statues used for upgrading skills and unused War Machine Statues will be transformed into Universal Statues.

Part Optimizations

  1. Reduced the types of Part Materials from 7 to only 5 part materials now: Mechanical Components, Precision Components, Electronic Components, Light Industry Raw Materials and Chemical Raw Materials.
  2. The formula for making Blueprints was reworked. Changing the value of Materials needed is no more.
  3. All of the Parts Materials will be converted into Universal Materials once the update goes live.
  4. Universal Materials will replace the Optional Parts Materials Chests in all game contents.
  5. Players can use Universal Materials to make parts in case there is any missing certain parts.
  6. Parts Blueprints Chests and Materials are available for puchase in the new Campaign Store and Alliance Store.

Alliance Optimizeations

  • Added national flags.
  • Players now can establish their base a lot easier.
  • The rewards inside the current Alliance Gift cases are now visible.
  • Alliance Message Log now shows the names of Officers.

Other Optimizations

  • Added Campaign Chapter 9-12
  • Added Basic Officer EXP book to Black Market.
  • Urban Combat Plan: Added a  Mobilization Teleport Mission for level 1 & level 2 Cities:
    • Players in Lvl 1 Cities to move Mobilize Forces by teleporting to any Lvl 2 city.
    • Players in Lvl 2 Cities to move Mobilize Forces by teleporting to any Lvl 3 city.
    • Commanders who are already in Modern Cities are automatically granted Rewards.
  • Reduced the difficulty level of  Urban Combat Plan Mission to Establish a Command Center.
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