Warpath Update Version 2.04

Venerable Commander, It always brings me great excitement to deliver the latest information to you direct from the Developer War Room and discuss content awaiting release in the new update (Version 2.04).

warpath update

In this update, we’ve optimized features including the Urban Combat Plan and Fog Scouting to resolve issues previously reported by our Commanders.

We’re eager to enjoy the new [Summertime] event following the [Summer Party] event, which is sure to hold some new surprises.

After this version is released we will await the release of the second major update for this year which many of you may have heard about through our Community channels. We are currently working hard to see to it that this will be an incredible experience for all of you.

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Let’s cut to the chase and talk about the latest update.

1. New Feature: Continuous Scouting

We’ve added a [Continuous Scouting] Scout Plane to make Scouting the Fog a more leisurely experience for our Commanders who are online so that any remaining Fog can be dispelled. This is how it works:

1. To unlock: Upgrade your Airport to Lvl 13.

2. To enable: Once you’ve unlocked this feature, you may deploy a Scout Plane to search the Fog by selecting [Continuous Scouting] which can be used while you’re online so long as your don’t Recall this Scout Plane. You will find Fog being continuously dispelled by this Scout Plane until there is no remaining Fog before returning to Base.

3. To unlock Hangar No. 3: Upgrade Airport to Level 8 instead of previous Level 13.

2. Combat Optimizations

We always pay close attention to the actual combat experience of our Commanders and based on this, we’d like to implement the following improvements:

1. Each time Commanders send Units in to attack a Base, their Officer Prep Time is reset for Officers leading Units in these attacks. Officer Skill Prep Time can no longer be accumulated through wave attacks on the same Base.

Developer: Commanders previously could attack a Raven Bunker to shore up on Attack Prep for a Skill then attack another Commander’s Base. The Commander attacked was left with no means of putting up a defense. We believe this gameplay is not fair on our Commanders, thus we’ve decided to implement the above change in this update to improve the combat mechanism.

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3. Functional Optimizations: [Urban Combat Plan]

In the new update we’re implementing the following changes to ensure that when Commanders Teleport to another City and their Urban Combat Plan is reset to the Plan in the new City, they will not be caught in a situation where Missions have already failed without enough time to complete them.

1. When you Teleport to another City your Urban Combat Plan is no longer reset to the Plan of the new City, but rather remains as the Plan of the City you came from.

2. Commanders may expend 200 Gold to manually reset the Urban Combat Plan to the Plan of the new City you are in.

3. When Urban Combat Plan Mission results are finalized, Commanders do not need to be located in the same City as their Urban Combat Plan.

4. Other Optimizations

1. [Events]: We will usher in the Summertime event to follow up on the Summer Party event. The Summertime event officially opens at 0:00 AM on August 12, UTC. It’s bound to deliver an enjoyable experience to our Commanders.

2. [Alliance Flags]: Added Flags from 25 wonderful nations of the world, including the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Belgium.

3. As the new update goes live, Commanders who are in short supply of certain Resources can quickly shore up by using the shortcut to the Resource Pick Chests without having to enter through Supplies.

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