Top 6 Things to Prepare For Warpath v3.0

Here are the top 6 most important things you should know and prepare before the Warpath 3.0 launch!

Read the complete update changelog here.

Top 6 Things to Prepare For Warpath v3.0

The Anti-air gun at the moment is the only defense against any airforce enemy. At level 30, 31, and 32, it gives 1, 2, and 3 extra attack range grid when defending. There are 2 Anti-air guns in every base.

The air-force troops will have a max level of 7.2 stars and so you have to upgrade them and the upgrade system is the same as any other troop upgrade

you will be getting air-force from coupon opening so, back to the question of topic

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1. Should I save coupons for the airforce?

NO, because the ground troop is still your main fighter and you should still focus on them. Air-force troops right now still have their limitations!

If you don’t have any 7.2 stars troops yet, get the blue Artillery from Camp Liberty as soon as possible.

If you already have a great army formation with 7.2 stars troops, then saving coupons for the airforce is definitely a better choice for you!

2. What are the best units in the coming update version 3.0?

For a quick understanding, take a look at the unit tier list below

Best units

1. Blue Arty
2. Super Heavy Tank
3. Light Tank
4. Blue Medium Tank
5. Blue Heavy Tank
6. Vanguard Tank Hunter
7. Rocket
0. All infantry units (but they are great for Campaigns).

Best troop setups

1. 4 Blue Arty + Super-Heavy Tank
2. 3 Blue Arty + SH/H Tank + Medium/Tank/Light
3. 3 Blue Arty + Red Arty + Super-Heavy

3. Should I save ammunition or components, or parts for the air force?

There will be specific airforce versions of these items so you don’t need to save them for the air units.

Air-force components, Air-force EXP, and Air-force ammo are required for upgrading airforce units. All players will be starting from zero to collect all of these items. It would take a long time to make 1them to level 200, meaning we won’t see any air force at lvl 200 within 1-3 months. Mostly we will see everybody using air-force level between 40 to 120 level withing the first months after the update.

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So, now we don’t have to worry about the air force yet because they are weak (low level).

Upgrading them slowly is the correct way to go because your ground troop should be still the main focus.

4. Should I save statues for air-force officers?

Build up your officers based on the list below. It’s currently the most accurate officer tier list in Warpath.

1. Antonina Shevchenko (Pre-skill charge & OP)
2. The Eruptor (Defend or Siege)
3. Jack Spanner (For Swarm & Siege).
4. Guardian of Truth (Tank)
5. Winter Huntsman (Can replace GoT).
6. Bloody Mary (Good for Tank).
7. Wings of Glory (Good for Airforce Anti-Air).
8. White Wolf (Good for defending base)
9. Golden Pixie (Good for 1 airforce extra bomb)
10. Fox of the Highlands (Good for Tank Hunter).
11. Angel of Light (Bad).
12. War Machine (Alliance Store)
13. Percy (Free)

5. Should I buy the gold parts from Stores?

No, not worth it. It is because the return in value is really bad. It’s better to spend your resources on upgrading main units and then come back later to purchase the gold part blueprint!

6. Should you save resources for version 3.0?

We will have many new buildings and there are a lot of people waiting to do the big upgrades when the update launches but the problem is if everyone tries to win the next coming events, why you don’t try to win the current ones? 

Hint: In the next update, there will be a new building called “walls” that provides base durability and its level will be based on your current Command Center level. If you upgrade your base level now, before the update, your Wall will be at a high level automatically after the update without costing any resources!

Most important buildings to upgrade:

1. Research Center (Give you more Research Speed).
2. Assists Command Center (More Research).
3. Production Building (More Produce Speed).
4. Barracks (More Troops & Reserves)
5. Airport (Airforce).
6. Anti-Air Gun (dealing with air units)
7. Walls (More base HP)
8. Build everything at level 1
9. Hanger (More airforce troops

Guide by HunterBBQ

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4 months ago

will there be Navy after Air force?

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