Warpath v3.0 Update: Aerial Warfare

Today Lilithgames has just released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Warpath v3.0 Update: Aerial Warfare.

Although this is a quite short video, it gives a lot of hints about the update, from the new air units to some new interesting buildings. Let’s take a look!

The update will be launch on August 23.

Warpath v3.0 Update: Aerial Warfare

For the Full Changelogs, please scroll down to the next section

Wide Screen Mode

Finally, from Warpath v3.0 update, the game will support the wide screen mode in case everyone wants to use it to do the battle easier.

download warpath

To activate the wide screen mode, simply go to the Settings of the game to activate it:

wide screen setting

New Base Structure

Next, we are going to have a bigger commander base with a lot of new structures like:

  • Resource Buildings: Collector, Storage. Since there would be resource storage, I think we can raid other player’s resources and the game-meta will be changed a lot!
  • New anti-air defensive building.
  • Reserve Barracks to increase Reserve Forces and Reserve Recovery
  • Liaison Office to increase the number of times you can Assist your Alliance Members
  • Fitting Factory to help players to better deal with their Parts
  • The Airport for the new Airforce units: At Airport level 2, 14, and 22 you will be able to build new Hangar.

new warpath base structure

New Units

There will be 42 new units coming to Warpath, spread over 6 assembly lines with this update.

Airforce units can be recruited in the same way you recruit other units: Opening Coupons.

airforce army

After recruitment, you can deploy them in one of your Hangars and take off for battles!

Players will be able to obtain 2 different types of planes: Bombers and fighters. Bombers can be used to attack enemies on the battlefield. Fiter aircraft can be used by Commanders to keep control of the sky.

airforce combat

download warpath

There will be 2 new officers available for the Airforce units as well!

  • Golden Pixie will automatically be obtained by building your first Hangar.
  • Wings of Glory can be obtained on the last day of a new log-in event.

How can players defend themselves against incoming air force units?

  • There are multiple ways to do it:
  • You have the anti-air gun in your base.
  • You can use your fighter planes.
  • There will be some anti-air ground units coming soon.

At the moment, there aren’t any air-specific campaigns but you need the air force units to defeat some current stages.

Full Warpath v3.0 Changelogs

  1. New Features: Airforce
    1. Added 2 new types of Airforce units.
    2. Materials Used for Airforce Unit Upgrades
    3. Anti-Aircraft, Raven Bunker, Campaign, Camp Bonus and Armament Chest optimizations
  2. New Officers
  3. New Feature: New Base Design
    1. Movable Buildings
    2. New Buildings and Their Features
    3. Intuitive Access to Existing Features
    4. Building Optimizations
  4. Functional Optimizations: Conquest
  5. New Feature: Collection Convoy Attributes
  6. Combat Optimizations
    1. Enhanced Tank unit combat capabilities.
    2. Base Durability Optimizations:
  7. Other Optimizations
  8. Bug Fixes

Venerable Commander, This is your loyal comrade, Fred Kendall, reporting from the Dev War Room, which is buzzing with excitement. We are eagerly anticipating the launch of our next major update for the year.

The [Airforce] release (Version 3.0) we have all been waiting for is finally here. This update also features an all-new [Base Design], [Theater of Conquest] optimizations and new Officer content.

This has been a busy time yet exciting time for our dev team whose first concern is that our Commanders enjoy playing this update.

As the new update gets launched, the roar of engines fills the air and beautiful classic planes can be added to your Army. The sky is the limit!

Warpath v3 Screenshots 3

1. New Features: Airforce

I am thrilled to be presenting the Airforce system to our Commanders today. The Airforce features aircraft Units which can be deployed by Commanders to engage in combat, each offering unique advantages of their own and their very own Materials used to upgrade each unit. Airforce Officers may also be selected by Commanders to be deployed in battle. Airforce features are as follows:

1. Added 2 new types of Airforce units.

1) Bombers

(1) Combat operation logic: Select a Bomber Unit then identify your target to attack. Deploy your Bombers and they will move towards identified targets and drop bombs 4 times when directly above the targets before returning to Base. Return to Base before issuing your next command.

(2) Bombing features for different Camps:

  • Camp Liberty: When Camp Liberty Bombers target a Map Grid all non-allied units and Buildings within 7 Map Grips of the target are bombed and suffer Damage. Raven Bunkers, Raven Troops and Raven Bases within bombing range are only dealt Damage when attack conditions are satisfied.
  • Martyrs’ Watch and Vanguard Division:
    1. Martyrs’ Watch and Vanguard Division Bombers target a single Map Grid, dealing Damage to non-allied units and Buildings in that Grid. If a target in that Grid moves, they auto-pursue it.
    2. If a bombing target of Martyrs or Vanguard Bombers is lost (destroyed) before the attack is made, the Bomber will stop at the target site and wait for the next command. If a target is lost during a bombing attack, the Bomber automatically returns to Base.
    3. Unique attack logic: Each Martyrs Bomber attacks a different target in a target Unit whereas damage dealt by Vanguard Bombers is shared by the entire target Unit.

(3) More combat logic:

When a Bomber is deployed to carry out a command, you will be marked as an enemy to all Members of their Alliance.

2) Fighter Planes

(1) Combat operation logic: Select a Fighter Plane unit then select a Map Grid and make an attack command. When your Fighter Plane arrives at the target site it will issue an alert for the 6 Map Grids closest to the target Grid then attack all enemy Airforce units within the alert zone. You can freely move your Fighter Plane however returning to Base marks the end of a mission.

(2) More combat logic:

  • If your Fighter Plane enters the alert zone, you will be marked as an enemy of all non-allied units and Buildings within the alert zone. Your Fighter Plane will automatically attack its closest Airforce enemies.
  • When a Fighter Plane deals Damage to an enemy, the attack logic is the same as that of Ground Force combat.

2. Materials Used for Airforce Unit Upgrades

1) New Materials for Airforce upgrades

  1.  Airforce EXP and Airforce Ammunition have been introduced to upgrade units.
  2. Airforce Components have been introduced for unit Modifications.
  3. Airforce Part Blueprints have been introduced to make Airforce Parts, and require expending Materials following the same logic as Ground Force Units.

2) Assembly logic

Ground Force and Airforce units of the same Camp can be used together to Assemble units.

3. Anti-Aircraft, Raven Bunker, Campaign, Camp Bonus and Armament Chest optimizations

1) Anti-Aircraft optimizations

  1. A new Anti-Aircraft Firebase has been added to Commander Bases and Raven Bases which automatically identifies and attacks any potential air-to-ground threat within 4 Map Grids of the Base. Upgrading an Anti-Aircraft Firebase raises its Firepower and increases the Firing Range of Ground Force Garrison Units. It also reduces damage inflicted by a Bomber when attacking it.
  2. When Airforce units are on Garrison duty, they do not directly engage in combat, but their Power increases and they gain an AA Firepower buff.

2) Raven Bunker Optimizations

Raven Bunkers are now guarded by Raven Fighter Planes when a Commanders attacks them.

3) Campaigns

  1. Added Raven aircraft and Raven Ground Anti-Aircraft Guns to some Campaign Missions. AA Guns can attack Airforce Units within 6 Map Grids and do not attack Ground Units.
  2. Commanders may now use Airforce Units in Campaigns, which are highly useful in completing a number of Campaign Missions. We have also increased the strength of Raven Troops in Campaigns.
  3. Added an Airforce Campaign Store where Commanders may purchase Airforce EXP, Airforce Ammunition and Airforce Components for upgrading units.

4) Camp Bonus

download warpath

When Airforce and Ground Force Units from the same Camp are deployed in your Army, the combined Camp Bonus for all these Units takes effect. Adjustments in Camp Bonus conditions and effects are described below:

  1.  Lvl 1 Bonus: 2 Army Units from the same Camp reaps a 2% increase in Attack Dmg and Dmg Resist for these Units instead of 3%.
  2. Lvl 2 Bonus: 3 Army Units from the same Camp reaps a 4% increase in Attack Dmg and Dmg Resist for these Units instead of 9%.
  3. Lvl 3 Bonus: 4 Army Units from the same Camp reaps an 8% increase in Attack Dmg and Dmg Resist for these Units instead of 15%.
  4. Lvl 4 Bonus: 5 Army Units from the same Camp reaps an 15% increase in Attack Dmg and Dmg Resist for these Units instead of 18%.
  5. Lvl 5 Bonus: 6 Army Units from the same Camp reaps an 18% increase in Attack Dmg and Dmg Resist for these Units.

5) Armament Chests

  1. As the Airforce release goes live, we usher in an influx of 42 new Airforce Units from 2 Unit types and 3 Camps. These Units range from 5-Star to 7.2-Star.
  2. In the new Lvl 1 Cites on the Map, with each passing day Commanders may draw an increasing number of Unit types from the Armament Chests. Details are as follows:
    Newly unlocked Lvl 1 Cities: Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, Super Heavy Tanks, Infantry and Bombers.
    Lvl 1 Cities after the time is up for Urban Combat Plan Missions on Day 6: Tank Hunters, Howitzers, Rocket Launchers and Fighter Planes.
    Lvl 1 Cities after the time is up for Urban Combat Plan Missions on Day 10: Light Tanks, Anti-Tank Guns.

Warpath v3 Screenshots 2

2. New Officers

We have added 2 Airforce Officers to mark the release of the Airforce system which will help you gain air superiority. Details are as follows:

1. [Wings of Glory] Jean Dufort, Ace Fighter Pilot, is both a charming and talented knight of the sky.

2. [Golden Pixie] Doris Morgenstern is a gifted Bomber Pilot who is young and gifted. Her skills are as follows:

Warpath v3 Screenshots 1

3. New Feature: New Base Design

We’ve completed remodeled the Base design and made changes to performance stats, operations, added all kinds of new Buildings and Decorations and changed some of the existing Building names. Upgrade your Command Center to increase your Base area and place your Buildings and structures anywhere you please within your Base. You may also enjoy more views and features made available as you’re zooming in and out of your Base. Details are as follows:

1. Movable Buildings

  1. Your new Base design allows you to freely move Buildings and structures around and remove some Buildings. Your Base size increases as you level up your Command Center.
  2. New Building and Building Upgrade UI designs.

2. New Buildings and Their Features

  1.  The Treasury, Steelworks and Crude Oil Reserve may be upgraded. They continuously produce Resources (Military Funds, Steel and Crude Oil), however their Storage Capacity is limited. When full, storage of Resources is halted, at which point Commanders rely on manual collection of Resources.
  2. The Alliance Liaison Office may be upgraded. This is where Alliance Assists get handled. Upgrading this Building not only increases your Alliance Assist Max, but also strengthens the effectiveness of an Assist. As the new update goes live, your Alliance Liaison Office Building Lvl remains unchanged.
  3. Your Reserve Barracks can be upgraded. Building and upgrading your Reserve Barracks increases Reserve Recovery Speed and your Reserve Troop Capacity. Once the update goes live, your Reserves Barracks Level will be set according to your original Reserves Reserve Recovery Speed and Reserve Troop Capacity.
  4. Airforce Hangars can be upgraded and function much in the same way as Ground Force Barracks. Once built, you can deploy Airforce Units to station here. Upgrading Hangars increases Hangar Capacity, increases the number of Officers which can be assigned to these units, increases unit Firepower and Durability and boosts Training Speed.
  5. Your Curtain Wall can be upgraded. This defensive structure encloses your entire Base and features [Watchtowers] and [AA Firebases]. These features and your [Wall] can be upgraded separately. Upgrade your [Wall] to increase Durability, your [Watchtowers] to increase Base Firepower and your [AA Firebases] to enhance Anti-Aircraft capabilities and Garrison Firing Range. In the new update, your Wall Level and Watchtower Level is synced with your current Command Center Level.
  6. Disassembly Plant: This doesn’t require upgrades. This Building is where you can Disassemble Units and Parts. If you’ve already unlocked Disassembly, this Building will be automatically set up in your Base as the update rolls out.
  7. Your Assembly Workshop does not require upgrades. This is where you can Assemble Units and access the Camps and Assembly Manual features. Commanders who have already unlocked Assembly will find this Building added to your Base as you load the new update.
  8. Your Armory does not require upgrading. Commanders may draw Units from the Armament Chests here. If your Armament Chests are already unlocked, this Building will appear within the Walls of your Base in the new version.
  9. Parts Workshop: This Building does not require upgrading. This is where you can View and Make Parts. This Building will appear in your Base in the new version if you have already unlocked Parts.
  10. Your Black Market Building does not require upgrading. This is where you can carry out underground trading. If your Black Market was already unlocked, you’ll ind this Building in you Base in the new version.
  11.  Your Drills Ground does not require upgrading. This is your entry portal to Campaigns. If your Campaigns were already unlocked, this Building will appear in your Base in the new version.
  12. Decorations: A range of Decorations are available for you to beautify your Base according to your own preferences.

3. Intuitive Access to Existing Features

  1.  Your [Alliance Assists] which were originally found floating above your Command Center are now easily accessible above your Alliance Liaison Office.
  2.  [Parts]: In the new version, you can View Parts and Materials and Make Parts directly through your Parts Workshop.
  3. [Chests]: Your Armament Chests are now easily accessible through your Armory.
  4. [Reserves]: You can now view your Reserve Troop Capacity and Reserve Recovery Speed through Reserve Barracks rather than Barracks.
  5. [Disassembly]: Unit Disassembly, Part Disassembly and Unit Resets have been conveniently moved from the Engineering Center to an independent Disassembly Plant.
  6. [Unit Assembly] and [Camps] are now found in the Assembly Workshop.
  7. [Command Center Firepower and Durability]: These effects have been moved from the Command Center to the Curtain Wall.
  8. [Campaigns]: Campaigns are now easily accessed through the Drills Ground.

4. Building Optimizations

  1. [Barracks]: Added new upgrade buffs as follows. Combat buffs are gained when Barracks are upgraded to Lvl 9, Lvl 13, Lvl 20, Lvl 27 and Lvl 32 respectively. At Lvl 32, a 15% Durability buff and 15% Firepower buff are unlocked.
  2. [Command Center]: Added a buff whereby levelling up your Command Center increases your Base area.
  3. [Airforce Base]: Introduced a feature where Hangars can be attached to you Airforce Base.

5. Optimized and redesigned a number of features including ground features, Unit performance on the Map and Base details which we hope our Commanders will enjoy as you zoom in and out of your Base and the Map.

6. Base optimizations: Base Building upgrades are now dependent on the Command Center Lvl.

4. Functional Optimizations: Conquest

We’re gradually adding more Servers to the Theater of Conquest as it’s a very important game feature for our Commanders. We are listening closely to all of the feedback and suggestions we collect from our Commanders. A number of changes will be implemented based on your feedback and our design logic. Details are as follows:

1. Cross-Server Matching Mechanism:

As the new update is launched, cross-server matching is supported for the Theater of Conquest. This does not apply to Conquests that are in progress or have ended when the new update goes live.

2. Theater of Conquest Sequence Optimizations:

  1.  Conquest Preview: Added a Conquest Preview stage where Commanders can get familiar with the next Conquest and the Servers involved.
  2.  Preselection: Qualifying for Preselection is now done by all Alliances within a Server contending with each other.

3.Matching and Rewards Mechanism Optimizations

  1. In the new update, the new Theater of Conquest gameplay will start according to Preselection Rankings, which will sort Qualifiers into Battlefields of different levels.
  2. Conquest Battlefields are now divided into Epic, Gold and Silver Battlefields with the same gameplay but unique Rewards.

4. Other Optimizations:

download warpath

Commanders may join Alliances in different Servers as the Theater of Conquest now supports Alliance matching between Servers.

5. 10 new Servers will be added to the Theater of Conquest gameplay. See in-game announcements closer to the time for more details.

5. New Feature: Collection Convoy Attributes

In future updates, we will be adding new gameplay where Commanders can contest over Collection Convoys. In the new update, we will provide combat attributes for Collection Convoy Weaponry in preparation for this. Details follow:

1. Added combat attributes for Collection Convoy.

2. Other optimizations:

  1. Added Collection Convoy Firepower Damage and Durability attributes so that when Research for Industrial Tech branch items including Cranes, Corporate Trusts and Track Suspension is complete, these attributes gain a buff.
  2. Enhanced Collection Convoy model and fitted machine guns on it.
  3. Optimized Resource Collection information bar by adding detailed information on the Commander who is collecting Resources.

6. Combat Optimizations

Balancing optimizations have been implemented based on the performance of various Units and the PVP combat environment.

1. Enhanced Tank unit combat capabilities.

Developer: We’ve always viewed Tanks as armored barricades or as mobile combat Units, however in the current gaming environment their ability to resist Damage is insufficient, as is their ability to inflict Damage. We’ve decided to enhance Tanks so that they can perform better in combat scenarios.

  1. All Tanks (Light, Medium, Heavy, Super Heavy and Tank Hunters) have seen a 30% increase in Firepower and Durability.
  2. Light Tanks have seen an increase in Damage inflicted on Personnel (Infantry, Howitzers and Anti-Tank Guns) from 125% to 150%.

2. Base Durability Optimizations:

Developer: We believe that, having added Airforce Units into the game, an increase in Base Durability was needed for better protection against the threat from incoming siege Units.

Command Center Durability has seen a 33% raise at each level.

7. Other Optimizations

1. Chapter Missions

  1. Chapter Rewards at Chapter 18 have been changed to the 5-Star Airforce Unit I-16. In the new update, we are sending this Reward to all Commanders who have already claimed these Chapter Rewards.
  2. Adjusted preconditions for completing some Chapter Missions to account for the Airforce and Base Design content. These changes will not affect current Mission status.

2. [Officer Labels]: Added new Officer labels so that Commanders may quickly become familiar with unique features of each Officer.

3. [Alliances]: In the new update Alliance Leaders can actively abandon building of Central Commands and Turrets once a Build is in progress without the need for all Alliance Members to move their Bases out of the Build Territory first.

4. [Alliances]: Floating text for Alliance Assists now shows Assists granted and Max Assists available so that Commanders can readily know how many more Assists they can call for.

5. [Summon Jean Dufort]: As Commanders log in to play the new update, you’ll notice an event whereby you can log in daily for 7 days to acquire Airforce Officer Jean Dufort. Other Rewards in this event include an He 111 Bomber and Materials used to upgrade Airforce Units.

6. [Gifts]

1) New Daily Gifts

  1. Commanders may purchase [Vast Horizons] to receive Gold, Airforce Ammunition and other items.
  2. Commanders may purchase [Soaring Ambitions] to receive Gold, Airforce EXP and other items.
  3. Commanders may purchase [Airforce Heroes] to receive Gold, Airforce Components and other items.

2) Daily Specials Optimizations: In the new version, Commanders may change the Officer on the Daily Specials page and have the option to purchase 3 Gifts at the same time for 15% off the overall price.

8. Bug Fixes

1. [Medals]: Fixed the bug in the Battle of Moscow Campaign where the corresponding images of the Medals were not displayed correctly.

2. Fixed the combat performance bug where Units attacked that returned to Base received Damage but were not shown as attacked.

Let’s watch the trailer and discover more hidden information!

Feel free to share with us in the comment section below if you find any interesting things in the video!


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