Officer Upgrade Priority – Who To Max Skills First?

As we all know, Officer Statue is one of the most valuable items in Warpath due to the huge benefits it offers for all players throughout the gameplay of Warpath.

If you have even only one maxed officer, the power of your army in the combats would be increased by a lot!

Warpath Officer Upgrade Priority

Since it’s very hard to completely max out an officer, choosing the best ones to upgrade is a must and it could significantly affect your game progress.

All officers are great, but if you choose the best ones to max out first, everything will be a lot easier, from Campaigns, farming Ravens, open-field battles, to participating in events.

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Warpath Officer Upgrade Priority

  1. Antonina (Artillery) – Siege/DEF/ATK: Special-Skill + 1 Grid to attack range, +30% ATK, Active Skill deals 1.2k +25% Damage. She is the top 1 officer for all-in-one uses.
  2. Eruptor (Artillery) – Siege/DEF/ATK: + 10% Reload Speed + 30% ATK, Active Skill has 1050 Damage. He is the best pair for Antonina!
  3. Sergeant Spanner (Tank) – Siege/B2B/ATK Field: +30% Tank Durability, Healing 1%, Active Skill 1.5k damage, + 125/s Heal + 10% Resist. Best for Tank users in Siege teams or Open-field battles.
  4. Brisk Eagle – ATK-field/DEF-Field: The Special-Skill is OP, giving 1s immunity, +100% crit damage, +20% ATK, +10% Fly Speed. Win the sky and win the war.
  5. Guardian of Truth (Optional) – Tank Siege-Tank/ATK-Field: +30% ATK, +25% Resist DEF, +40% Penetration, Active Skill has 1.2k damage. He is a paid Officer and is not needed for Siege Team. If you replace Angel of Light with him, he is good for open-field tank (Tank Hunter, Medium Tank, Heavy Tank)
  6. Winter Huntsman – Siege/ATK: Special Skill makes enemies unable to move in 2s, +15% Resist +15% ATK, +5% HP, Healing 1%, Active Skill has 1350 Damage. He has the best skill damage & 2s lock for DEF & Open-field.
  7. Angel of Light – Siege-Tank/DEF-Field +15% Resistance, Active Skill has 500×4 Healing. Warpath version 3 makes her important for the Siege team.
  8. Bloody Mary – DEF/ATK: Special-Skill adds 2s Delay towards Enemy Skill & Attack Time, +15% ATK,+10% Movement Speed, Healing 1%, Active Skill has 1050 damage. She is good for ATK & DEF & Open-field.
  9. War Machine – Siege/DEF/ATK: +35% ATK, +20% Reload Speed, Skill 1.3k Dmg – Alliance Store so no rush.
  10. Golden Pixie (Bomber) – ATK/Special-Skill has 1 Extra Bomb (Increases 25% of Total Damage) + 45% ATK in total. She is the best Bomber Officer & Without Bomber. And why do we need fighter jets?
  11. Wings of Glory (Fighter) ATK-field/DEF-field: Special Skill offers up to+100% ATK for 20s, up to +45% ATK, buff. In total, you get up to 145% ATK Buff! Win the sky & win the war x2.
  12. Fox of the Highlands – DEF/ATK-field ,+20% ATK, +5% HP, +40% Penetration, Active Skill has 1050 skill damage, +10% Resist, +5% Move Speed – It’s best to use him for Anti-tank Gun, Tan Hunter, or Heavy Tank.
  13. The Witcher – ATK-field/DEF-field: +60% Maneuberability, +40% Stability,  +15% Resistance (Upto 25% in total), +20% HP. She is the best for Blue-Bomber or Bomber.
  14. White Wolf (Infantry) – DEF/Special Skill allows Active Skill targets 1 more enemy, +15% ATK, Active Skill has 1.2k damage, + 30% Damage – Special skill that adds 1 extra target is pretty strong!
  15. Percy (Free Officer) – DEF/Siege-B2B: Special-Skill gives Ally +8% ATK (including Base), +25% ATK for troops inside base, +20% HP, Active Skill has 1.2k Damage


  • Ranking based on Early-Mid-Late Game.
  • Having Ground Officer = More Attack and Defense
  • Airforce Officer Need to fly out from the base to have effect.

Above is the priority list of the best Officers you want to max out first when playing Warpath.

If you have any question, or any suggestion, kindly write down a comment below so that we can discuss more about this topic!

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1 month ago

How do you get Guardian of Truth maxed

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