Warpath Update Version 4.0

Venerable Commander, This is your loyal comrade, Fred Kendall, reporting from back here in the Dev War Room. Firstly I’d like to wish you a very happy and successful new year. This update delivers a range of important content and is the first in a number of major updates that we will implement in 2022.

Warpath Update Version 4.0 features the long-anticipated [San Francisco Theater of Conquest] and [PVP Arena] in addition to combat balancing optimizations, Power calculation optimizations, and new Officers taking center stage.

We have performed extensive optimizations to fix the game lag and crashing issues which will markedly improve performance.

So please join me now as we discuss the latest update in detail.

Warpath Update Version 4.0

1. New Theater of Conquest: [San Francisco]

We’ve all been looking forward to this moment for some time now and finally, we get to enter San Francisco, where you will get to experience a new Map structure, new Strategic Places, and all kinds of landscapes including the Golden Gate Bridge.

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New Content:

1. As you enter the Theater of Conquest you’ll get to be part of the new Preselection process (Preselection/Matching/Results phases).

2. New Strategic Places: Military Laboratory and San Francisco Town Hall.

3. New Medals: Medal of Glory, Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal and Emergency Medal.

4. Conquest Battle Plan: New San Francisco Conquest Battle Plan.

5. New Conquest Missions

With all due consideration given to the fact that Commanders were having some difficultly completing Build Missions with their Alliances, we decided to change these Missions and replace them with Resource Collection Missions in San Francisco.

We also curbed the difficulty level of Alliance Repute Missions in San Francisco.

Added Airforce upgrade Resources to some Conquest Mission Rewards.

6. Conquest Event: Added a San Francisco Gold Rush and San Francisco Battle Stars event.

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7. Combat Map View:

We found that the Conquest Map experience was not particularly favorable in terms of areas blocked by terrain or complex Map features, thus we decided to add a battle Map in the San Francisco Conquest which clearly shows the topography so that Commanders can have a clear idea of how to unleash their strategies and how to calve out a clear Warpath.

8. Theater of Conquest Weather System:

As you enter the San Francisco Map, you’ll find Weather information displayed, including whether it is Fine, Cloudy, Foggy, Rainy or Stormy.

Use the Weather to your advantage as you carry out your plan of attack. Attacks can be stalled by certain weather patterns, as can Builds and Burns. Certain weather conditions favor Production, Resource Collection, and Tech. Note that these Weather effects can only be seen in San Francisco.

The Weather varies day by day in San Francisco. Commanders may keep an eye on the Weather Forecast for the current and next day and use the weather patterns to your advantage as you carry out your own unique battle strategies.

9. Protected Zones Opened

We noticed that in a number of battlegrounds, weaker Alliances may have a less than favorable experience and can be kicked out of a Conquest City by powerful Alliances. Thus, we have implemented a new [Protected Zone] feature whereby Commanders cannot enter this Zone for certain length of time.

2. New Features: [Arena]

1. The Arena Building unlocks from Command Center Lvl 13 on, through which you may enter the Arena stage.

2. Once the Arena is unlocked, you’ll need to complete the first Urban Combat Plan Mission to start joining in duels.

3. Enter the Arena to fight against other Commanders and earn Points and glorious Rewards.

4. You have a maximum of 5 Units from the Bank of Units provided by the system which you can assign to Arena Slots. Unit Power Grades are determined by the maximum Power Grade your Units have ever reached.

5. Each Sunday at 24:00, UTC, your Arena Challenge Count resets and Points reset.

6. As each new week commences, Commanders must enter at least 1 Arena Challenge to gain a basic share of Points and an Arena Rank.

7. In the Arena, you can access your Units and Officers, but cannot access other Buffs that you may have.

8. View more information on Arena Rules in the game as it goes live.

3. [Drills] Optimizations

1. Enabled Collection Convoy Attacks

1) When Drills are underway, Commanders may attack Collection Convoys of other Commanders within the City. At this point, regardless of whether you’re participating in Drills, you can attack Collection Convoys of Commanders who are collecting Resources on the Map.

2) When you blow up the Collection Truck of another Commander, you get their Drills Points for Resource Collection. Note: The Resources collected cannot be taken from the Commander undergoing Resource Collections.

3) For the Commander whose Collection Truck got blown up, their Resources collected still belong to them, however you will lose all your Drills Points for those Resources Collected.

2. Drills Rules Optimizations

1) Adjusted the Combat Drills and Combat Drills Rankings for Battle Honors so that they include the entire Battleground.

2) Increased Rank Rewards and the number of Commanders that can be ranked.

4. New Officers

1. Skills for Fighter Pilot [Heaven’s Savior], Edward Freeman:

1) Sky Shepherd: Empowers Fighter Planes to hamper enemy Fighter Planes within 5 Map Grids with a 5%/7%/9%/11%/15% AA Firepower Debuff and 10%/12.5%/15%/17.5%/20% Jamming Capability Debuff.

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2) Super Safeguard: Troop Base Dmg received -7%/10%/13%/18%/25%.

3) Real Survivor: Fighter Plane Durability Buff: 10%/14%/18%/24%/30%.

4) Challenger: Fighter Plane Intercept Buff: 20%/25%/30%/40%/50%.

5) Heavenly Rays: Revival Skill which offers a 15% Ground Firepower Buff to Allied Bombers within 5 Grids when leading Fighter Plane Units.

Acquire by upgrading any Unit to Lvl 60.

2. Skills for Tank Commander [Steel Fighter], Galina Nikolaevna Kovalchuk:

1) Armor Reinforcer: Tactical Skill which reinforces Troop Armor by adding a protective layer (Shield Coefficient 600/750/900/1050/1500). Lasts for 5s.

2) Damage Amplifier: Attack Dmg +5%/7%/9%/12%/15%.

3) Cladding: Tank Blast Dmg Resistance +20%/25%/30%/40%/50%.

4) No Fear: Increases Tank Durability by 5%/7%/9%/12%/15% and Dmg Resist by 3%/4%/5%/6%/8%.

5) Impenetrable: Revival Skill which reinforces Troop Armor by adding a protective layer (Shield Coefficient 2000). Lasts for 5s. When Garrisoned, Base Dmg received from Officer Skills is reduced by 30%.

How to Acquire:

1) [Steel Fighter] is unlocked for Commanders who have been in a Server for 183 days or longer.

2) When the [Steel Fighter] is viewable in-game, destroy 30x Lvl 25 or above Raven Troops to unlock this Officer.

5. [Combat Balance] Optimizations

1. Added a new feature for Camp Liberty Light Tanks whereby 5-Star or above Tanks can enable AA Mode which enables these Light Tanks to automatically attack hostile Aircraft within their Firing Range.

2. Added Smoke Bombs for Camp Liberty Infantry which unlock when 5-Star Liberty Infantry Units complete Special Training. Once unlocked, Liberty Infantry Units can throw Smoke Bombs at enemy Units at regular intervals, making the enemy unable to attack or load their weapons.

3. Raised Infantry Durability by 30% and Firepower by 15%.

4. Increased vehicle Dmg from Anti-Tank Guns from 250% to 350%.

5. Reduced Katyusha Load Time from 8s to 7s and initial Load Time from 4s to 3s.

6. [Power] Calculation Optimizations

1. Officer Power has been incorporated into the Power display, which means that your Troop Power and overall Power will be increased respectively, however there will be no change seen in combat.

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2. We’ve reduced the Migration Commands available to balance the increased Commander Power.

7. New [Lunar NY Event]

We’ll be setting off Fireworks together to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

1. Commanders can set off Fireworks and Fireworks Packs in the Lunar Celebration event to contribute Points towards your Alliance which unlock Bells and Golden Pearls. Enter the Lunar Fair to use your Bells and Golden Pearls to exchange for Imperial Lions, Gold Parts Blueprints, Drink Tokens and all kinds of other auspicious Rewards.

2. Take part in our Usher In the New event and complete Missions to earn rich Rewards. Complete all Missions to claim an additional 5-Star Unit Piece.

3. New Imperial Palace Base Skin premiere.

8. New [Valentine’s Event]

Passion fills the air as lovers go on a romantic Valentine’s Day together.

1. Enjoy a candlelit meal and glass of sparkling wine in the [Valentine’s Date] event with that special someone.

2. Send Roses for your lover by joining in the [True Love] event to unlock a range of passionate Rewards.

3. It’s time to offer thanks to those people who have helped you out before in the [Gift Room] event by sending your Allies a Gift.

4. Take part in our Deep Affection event and complete Missions to earn rich Rewards. Complete all Missions to claim an additional 5-Star Unit Piece.

5. Enjoy the new [My Valentine] Skin which will see your Base filled with love and flying in the air!

9. Further Optimizations

1. We’ve added a Replenish Build Index feature to the game now so that Commanders can easily see how to upgrade your Command Center when your Build Index is insufficient.

2. Commanders who complete the Invincible Army Tech branch in City Honors Research may start researching Advanced Combat Tech, which offers Combat Buffs for Infantry, Tanks, Artillery, and Aircraft. Select the Unit types you wish to Research.

3. Added a Base Skins Preview button to the Skins interface in Portrait Mode which allows Commanders to catch a close-up glimpse of Base Skins.

4. Corrected some errors with some Parts parameters including Parts made.

5. Deleted some free events items which were not removed from Supplies.

6. Added Base Skins window where you can view Skins close up (in Portrait Mode only).

7. Added Barracks logic whereby you can now where you can jump from Barracks straight to the Army screen.

8. Introduced new Units logic whereby Commanders may now access Unit information directly by tapping on a Unit in the Armies screen.

9. Optimized Officer background display.

10. Optimized lighting for when Officer Revival Skills are unlocked.

11. Added Officer Revival Skill image to improve the display when Revival Skills are unlocked.

12. Added Level 2 to the Airforce Campaign Store offering unlimited Airforce EXP purchases.

13. Added Heaven’s Savior Officer to the Jovial Bistro such that you have a chance of acquiring this Officer’s Gold Statues by using Drink Tokens at the Bistro.

14. Adjusted some Gift content and purchase limits.

15. Added Airforce EXP Rewards to the Arms Race Rewards.

16. Added Airforce Components and Airforce Ammunition to the Warrior’s Spoils Plunder.

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