Warpath Beginner Guide

If you have just downloaded the game, this is our quick Warpath Beginner Guide for you to have very easy start at the beginning.

warpath beginner guide

Warpath Beginner’s Guide

Warpath has a short tutorial at the beginning of the game with multiple chapters, which will give you all of the officers and many of the units that you need so try to complete as many of these as possible.

1. Get VIP Level!

Try to get your VIP level up as fast as possible! It gives you tons of free perks that help a lot in long term.

spend gold on vip level

You want to get to VIP level 9 by spending Gold asap as you get 1 free Camp Coupon every day. But first, try to get to VIP level 4 fast as it gives you 1 free Universal Coupon every day you play the game.

Also, the VIP Store is very great. It helps you grow tremendously very fast by spending the resources you can farm free on the map and exchanging for various items.

download warpath
warpath vip store

Try to get into an Alliance that spends a lot or is a higher level Alliance because when they kill bunkers or they spend money you will be able to get additional goodies for free.

2. Don’t worry about getting units

In the beginning, most players are overwhelmed due to the huge amount of units in Warpath.

Don’t worry if you cannot get any specific unit because even if you level any unit up, put modifications and parts on them, you can get the resources back later as the game allows you to restore the units.

unit restoration

You can easily do that by going to the Engineering Center -> Dissemble and spend 20 Gold to reset any unit!

Make sure to remove the units from your armies before restoring them. Don’t be afraid to remove your units as you can get all of the resources back. This way you can easily switch and try out a new type of unit. You will lose nothing.

clear fog in Warpath
Clear the fog asap!

3. Clear fog!

Make sure that you research the Airport high enough so that you can clear the bigger area of fog and get more planes to do the job.


As a beginner, you want to clear the fog asap to unlock the ruins. These ruins are going to give you free rewards.

You will also find the Gold icon on the map, which is the Plunder, giving you free Gold. Depending on your luck, you can get up to 20-30k Gold after clearing the entire map!

4. do Daily missions.

A lot of players forget to do missions every day.

Missions actually give tons of great resources, including 600 Gold every day. You also get Energy, Components, 20 Universal Components, and 1 Universal Coupon. With 50 Universal Components, you can summon a 4-star unit right off the bat.

download warpath
warpath daily missions

This is the most important thing you have to do every day, better to do it right after the first time you open Warpath in the day!

After playing the game for a few days, you can actually finish all of these missions with ease in just 1 minute!

Sharon Percy Officer Warpath

5. Level up any officicer as high as possible

Do this to max our Percy fast, one of the best officers in Warpath, according to our tier list!

If you are planning to spend a bit into the game, level up the Guardian of Truth fast because he can be purchased via the VIP packages and you can max him out when getting VIP level 9.

Get any officer to level 60 and by the time you do that, Percy will max out her skills.

This is because you can only use Percy statues to upgrade her skills, so the more level a commander has, the more chance you can get Percy Statues.

It’s time to start enjoy the game!

Above are the most important information we want to cover in this Warpath beginner’s guide.

Please comment down below if you have any questions in your first days into the game.

Guide by Triple G Gaming

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