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How to level up Warpath Commanders?

There are only 2 ways to level up the Warpath officers right now:

Officer Task: Try to do this whenever you can, as soon as possible when the tasks are completed. Try to get the 100% success rate as you will get a lot of rewards, experience books, and the commander scrulptures.

  • Camp Liberty = Bloody Mary
  • Martyrs’ Watch = White Wolf
  • Camp Liberty = Sergeant Spanner

You only need to pick 1 officer from the camp of the task to get all of the rewards. You can pick whatever officers for the left slots.

Using experience books received from the offer tasks is another way to level your officers up!

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Choosing the right officers to lead your armies.

You can check out the officer skills to see the best types of units to use with them.

For example, While Wolf is best for using with infantry units.

Fox of the Highlands doesn’t have any specific type of troops in skill description, however, his 4th skill boosts the penetration rate so it’s best to use him for leading units that have penetration!

Use the officers with higher levels as the primary officers so that your armies will have better firepower and health.

How to upgrade the officer skills?

It’s best to max out the first skill first as this is the active skill, that can be triggered multiple times during the combat, dealing tons of damage.

The required amount of statues to max out one skill is 10 – 20 – 50 – 100.

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