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How to level up Warpath Commanders?

There are only 2 ways to level up the Warpath officers right now:

Officer Task: Try to do this whenever you can, as soon as possible when the tasks are completed. Try to get a 100% success rate as you will get a lot of rewards, experience books, and the commander sculptures.

  • Camp Liberty = Bloody Mary
  • Martyrs’ Watch = White Wolf
  • Camp Liberty = Sergeant Spanner

You only need to pick 1 officer from the camp of the task to get all of the rewards. You can pick whatever officers for the left slots.

Using experience books received from the offer tasks is another way to level your officers up!

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Choosing the right officers to lead your armies.

You can check out the officer skills to see the best types of units to use with them.

For example, While Wolf is best for using with infantry units.

Fox of the Highlands doesn’t have any specific type of troops in skill description, however, his 4th skill boosts the penetration rate so it’s best to use him for leading units that have penetration!

Use the officers with higher levels as the primary officers so that your armies will have better firepower and health.

How to upgrade the officer skills?

It’s best to max out the first skill first as this is the active skill, that can be triggered multiple times during the combat, dealing tons of damage.

The required amount of statues to max out one skill is 10 – 20 – 50 – 100.

For the base setups, a lot of players may use different things but when you’re assigning your officers, there are a couple of key things that you have to keep in mind before you assign them! Don’t just take up a couple of officers and then stick them on one unit and then the rest just throw randomly!

There are quite a few ways that you can make the best out of what you have!

Warpath Officer Types

If you go over to your officers, there are 6 specialized officers and 4 officers that are good in pretty much any unit!

You can easily see the units that are best for each officer by just tapping on their skills.

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warpath officer skills

For example,  Guardian of Truth Guardian of Truth has all tank icons listed in his first skill description! His passive skills are also all about tanks so he obviously would be better used with a tank!

Sergeant Spanner Sergeant Spanner is the other officer that is excellent for tanks. If you click on the skills, you can easily see that his skills are for tanks mainly.

So I use Guardian of Truth Guardian of Truth and Sergeant Spanner Sergeant Spanner for my main tank, the Medium Tank, to make the most of it.

Antonina Shevchenko Antonina and Eruptor The Erupter are great for Siege units: Howitzer Howitzer, Anti-Tank Guns Anti-tank Gun, Launcher Launcher.

They are the only two heroes that specialize in Siege but that does not mean that you can only use one siege unit!

White Wolf White Wolf and Florence Borden Angel of Light are for Infantry Infantry units.

It’s much better if you use them for Infantry units. However, most players in the mid and late game don’t use Infantry so you can match them with the other specialized officers to make the most of your units.

Next, we have the 4 officers that are good regardless of the units you assign them as a filler to any unit: Siege, Tank, Infantry, etc. as the secondary officer, while having the other specialized officers in the first position.

Randall Miller War Machine, for example, doesn’t have any unit icon on his skills, thus all of his skills are good on almost any unit.

Bloody Mary Bloody Mary is also great for pretty much all types of troops. She offers field durability recovery, which is a really good buff for your troop when you are in the open-field. I usually couple her with Sergeant Spanner Spanner for healing.

Adjutant Percy Percy can be easily maxed out as when you have an officer to level 60, you will get her sculptures. This is also one of the reasons giving her one of the best position in our Warpath Tier List!

Example Officer Setups

My current defensive composition: Medium TankAnti-Tank GunsHowitzerAnti-Tank GunsHowitzer

I have 1 tank 4 siege units.

This is a very defensive setup and I really only have two tanks that I always recommend using are Medium and Super Heavy.

Medium TankGuardian of TruthSergeant Spanner

I use the Medium tank whenever I want to move around or get in and out of battles quicker! If I need to be a little beefier to take more hits, then I will swap over to the Super Heavy. And it’s a very simple thing to do because they use the same officers, I’m just swapping tanks when needed.

Anti-Tank GunsAdjutant PercyFox of the Highlands

I am currently using Adjutant Percy Percy and Fox of the Highlands Fox of the Highlands for my strongest Anti-Tank Guns Anti-Tank, even though it’s a siege unit.

Percy is very good overall but there is but the key thing is that she offers a 25% damage buff for garrisoned troops. My anti-tank gun stays garrisoned most of the time and there’s not a lot of reasons for me to un-garrison my anti-tank gun!

Fox of the Highlands Fox of the Highlands has the armor penetration on it, which is also perfect for the Anti-Tank Gun.

HowitzerAntonina ShevchenkoEruptor

I assign two siege heroes for my first Howitzer not only because they just work better with Howitzer, but there’s a couple of reasons why!

I use the Howitzer to not only defend but also to attack the other bases! It is is the main firepower of my base whenever I use the base-to-base strategy, meaning I teleport next to the target, start attacking the enemy’s base, and then put it back in my garrison for healing.

So it makes more sense to use these two heroes on my strongest Howitzer and use officers that buff the garrison damage for Anti-tank Guns.

I have another anti-tank gun where I assign Bloody Mary Bloody Mary and Randall Miller Randall Miller.

There is no specific reason as to why I use these unlike the other ones but they are just going to be there a better option for me because I’m going to rely more on my anti-tank gun.

The last one is my another Martyrs Watch Howitzer, this is where I use the Infantry commanders White Wolf Florence Borden because this is my weakest unit. It’s a nice addition because there are things that I can still take away from it like the attack damage, etc.

This is the setup that I’m currently using but that does not mean that this is what you have to do! I’m just showing you what my thinking is, that way if you’re just throwing random commanders on units and not really thinking twice on it then you might be missing a lot of damage!

What Officers should I max first?

It’s good to try to have four well-built commanders.

Let’s say your base is burning and you don’t want to have to worry too much about it and you’re just running around with two troops,

Adjutant Percy Adjutant Percy: At the end when you max her out, she works perfectly well with Antonina Shevchenko Antonina Shevchenko, Sergeant Spanner Spanner and Guardian of Truth Guardian of Truth due to the troop damage buff.

And then the two troops that I would run around with is my Medium tank and then the Rocket Launcher because their speeds are very similar so they’re gonna stick around together well. Also, the Rocket Launcher would actually work really well with Percy and Antonina because it is siege and it’s also going to be giving my other tank a buff.

Although above is the setup I recommend, you still have to figure out yourself what works best for your situation!

Guide by Aevatrex

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