Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

If you are new to Warpath, these are the most crucial mistakes that you must avoid by all costs to grow your army fast and strong with ease!

warpath mistakes

Top Warpath Mistakes You Should Avoid

Wasting Gold

A lot of players actually spend the hard-earned gold Gold without thinking a lot, especially players who spend a little bit into the game by purchasing Arms Deal and Investments Packages.

After you participate in some Warpath events and once you have cleared the fog on the map, you will receive quite a bit of Gold. Many players choose to use Gold to rush fast when they don’t have any materials left.

vip 4 benefits
VIP 4 benefits

All of the Gold should only be spent to get VIP levels due to the huge amount of passive benefits, buffs, and freebies you can get every day.

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This is even better if you are a spender. At VIP level 8, not only do you unlock the Covert masons, but you also get another pack – The Power Play, allowing you to get 5000 Gold per day in 30 days, this is a really impressive offer, the best bang for the buck!

Even if you don’t want to spend a single penny, VIP still benefits you the most! Never spend your Gold anywhere else!

warpath units
Warpath has loads of units – Which is great for balanced and varied gameplay!

Upgrading a lot of Units

There are a lot of units In Warpath and most new players just don’t know which faction to focus on, which type of tank is best. There are just so many different things to choose from.

Thus, most players try to upgrade too many units at once.

It’s understandable that everybody wants a little bit of each! You probably want to have some compositions of different units.

But it is better to just have 1-2 really strong units in your army composition at the start.

My best advice is to get 1-2 Howitzer Howitzers units, have them in your base to defend when you’re off on the map somewhere.

You also want 2 tank units.

For the first tank, If you are a type of players that enjoys tanking bases (going base to base) and really don’t have much in-field opposition and you’re trying to do bunkers, I would recommend using Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy Tanks, which is easy to get and if you can upgrade them, they are very well-rounded early in the game and even in the late game. They’re just a good unit that you cannot go wrong with.

People usually like using Heavy Tank Heavy Tanks but Heavies get penetrated a lot by Tank Hunter Tank Hunters and also sometimes they are just not as durable enough as the Super Heavy. However they do have some advantages like countering Mediums but that is just in some situations.

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For most parts, I would just choose Super Heavy.

The second tank should be Medium Tank Medium or Light Tank Light Tank because they have more units in the army and they fire faster (2s instead of 4s), they do very very well against a lot of things so having them in a field fight is really crucial.

  • What Medium would I take? I would take the Soviet as it heals itself, which is super helpful in tons of situations.
  • To Lights, only Liberty Tanks. They are the best

In short, don’t utilize too many troops and keep them because you need to push towards some good decent troops. You can check out our Warpath Tier List for general ideas regarding the best units in the game right now.

warpath industry tech
It’s recommended to focus on Industry tech at the beginning!

Upgrading only Military Techs

New players always want to be the most powerful commander, going to wars and only wars.

Most new players don’t care about anything else so they only do researches on the military tree.

This is really a huge mistake!

The industry tree, even though it looks like a bunch of farming stuff, will help you get all of the resources you need to really ramp up.

A lot of players are always short on resources when they get to the mid-game, when they need to unlock high-level resource nodes and farming trucks. You will pretty much get stuck here if you don’t have enough resources.

For the Military tree, it’s recommended to focus on what is required to unlock new troop tiers, making your troops powerful enough. You can always level them up so become powerful in the campaign and normal activities.

Once you’re done with Industry researches, you can come back and max out most of the Military techs.

A lot of people are going to say “You’re not going to be able to war if you don’t have military researches”.

The resources and time it takes to research all those for a few percent of speed and miscellaneous things are just not worth it to free-to-play players.

For more details, please check out the guide Research Center & How to Research Techs Effectively.

Get a lot of rewards from events
Get a lot of rewards from events!

Not Doing Events

In the beginning, most players just spend everything they have for upgrades without paying attention to the events in Warpath.

It’s recommended to spend specific resources on the relative events as you can easily get tons of rewards from these events.

  • If you have Coupons, spend them during the event that requires you to use Coupons.
  • If you want to upgrade your buildings spend the Building Rushes on the relative events.

Don’t be afraid of being behind for just a few days, in the long run, it really adds up a lot of extra resources.

Max Out All Barracks At Once

You only need to have a Barrack at the highest possible level.

This is because the barracks are expensive, they take a while to upgrade and should only be done during relative events.

If you don’t upgrade Barracks while using Super Heavy or Heavy Tank, you would not be able to use many units at once if your Barrack is at a low level as they take a lot of housing space.

Try to get a Barrack to as high as you can, leave the other Barracks at low, and work on your command center so that you can get as many airdrops as possible every day.


In conclusion, you must only spend Gold on getting VIP level, focus on upgrading only 1-2 units, focus on upgrading the Industry Tech Tree, spend your resources during events, and max out only 1 barrack at once.

Hopefully, you will avoid these most crucial Warpath mistakes and make your gameplay a lot easier!

Guide by Triple G Gaming

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