Warpath Camps (Factions)

In this guide, let’s cover one of the most popular topics in the game, which is “What is the best camp in Warpath?“.

We will also give you a general idea regarding leveling up camp faction and units of each camp.

Warpath Camps

There are currently 3 camp units in Warpath:

Raven is considered the 4th camp but it’s the neutral units on the map only.

warpath camps

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Vanguard Division

Vanguard Division

What is so good about the Vanguard Division?

They have really good artillery units that can kill Super Heavy tanks.

They also have huge Anti-tank guns for a lot of other tanks.

They also have the Super Heavy Tanks, which is only available in the Vanguard Division. You can also buy it via the VIP Store, helping you level it up pretty quick because the VIP packages at VIP 10 Have the Super Heavy Lion, and it also has Vanguard 5-star Coupons.

They also have a really good tank destroyer that starts off for most people!

They have some great units, but they are defensive in nature due to the really good armor.

Martyrs Watch

Martyrs' Watch

Martyrs Watch has amazing artilleries and the special to them, the Rocket.

Even though Rockets should be not great in long-term but they are currently really good in the field so if you have people still rocking infantry and bunkering, or if you have people that want to move around fast on the field as you have fast-moving artilleries with rockets.

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They also have a lot of the Soviet tanks which are high in durability, some of them even pack a quite punch. The Soviet made some really amazing tanks in WWII so they have some really good tank units here.

The officers that are specific to Martyrs Watch being mostly towards the artillery side, which is also why they have some really good artillery units.

Camp Liberty

Camp Liberty

The Liberty is pretty interesting as they have the Howitzer, which is good for structural damage but its main deal is that it is exclusive to the light tank, and the light tank is only in the Camp Liberty.

The light tanks are super fast, up to 70+ km/h speed, which is super fast!

When you pair them with Miller, they could be really deadly due to the huge amount of shots they can fire off per second.

The lights are really good against artillery they get behind the lines and so can move around and heal by using certain officers.

They also have the one that

If you like Heavy Tank, the Churchill is really amazing due to its heavy machine gun with great firepower. It is faster than other Heavy Tanks, it also carries a lot of structural damage which while most of the tanks are vehicle damage or personal damage.

What are the best Warpath Camps?

Due to the huge units and limited amount of officers in the game right now, it’s recommended to focus on 2 Camps at once.

  • Free-to-play: Martyrs’ Watch + Vanguard Division. This is due to their defensiveness.
  • Pay-to-win: Martyrs’ Watch + Camp Liberty.

How to level up Camps?

The only way to rank up Warpath Camp at the moment is via the Officer Missions.

When doing Officer Missions, try to put at least 1 respective officer for the mission of the same camp and make sure all of the mission requirements are filled up like the screenshot below.

warpath officer missions

You want the success rate is 100%, which is going to give you a lot of great rewards, including Officer Statues, Universal Coupons, and a lot more rewards as you rank up! Especially, you will have a 100% chance to gain more EXP for your Camp Rank!

You cannot get 100% if there is no officer coming from the mission’s camp.

Warpath Camp Rank

Camp Rank & Bonus

Whenever the required Camp EXP is fulfilled, the camp will get ranked up, unlocking new skill bonuses and higher officer mission levels.

Camp Rank Info

Rank Lvl Skill Rewards Bonus Officer Missions Unlocked
Neutral Lvl 1
Geniality I Skill 2 Lvl 1 Lvl 2
Geniality I Skill 1 Lvl 1
Affinity I Skill 3 Lvl 1 Lvl 3
Affinity II Skill 2 Lvl 2
Affinity III Skill 1 Lvl 2
Respect I Skill 3 Lvl 2 Lvl 4
Respect II Skill 2 Lvl 3
Respect III Skill 3 Lvl 3
Respect IV Skill 1 Lvl 3
Adoration I Skill 2 Lvl 4 Lvl 5
Adoration II Skill 3 Lvl 4
Adoration III Skill 2 Lvl 5
Adoration IV Skill 3 Lvl 5
Adoration V Skill 1 Lvl 4

camp skills

Camp Skill Bonus

Each camp has 3 skills. These skills get leveled up as the camp rank increases.

Skill 1:

  • Lvl 1: Attack Dmg +3% and Dmg Resist +3% when 2x same Camp units deployed
  • Lvl 2: Attack Dmg +9% and Dmg Resist +9% when 3x same Camp units deployed
  • Lvl 3: Attack Dmg +15% and Dmg Resist +15% when 4x same Camp units deployed
  • Lvl 4: Attack Dmg +18% and Dmg Resist +18% when 5x same Camp units deployed

Skill 2: Fire power for units deployed +0.5%/1%/1.5%/2.5%

Skill 3: Troop Speed for units deployed +0.5%/1%/1.5%/2.5%

A guide by Triple G Gaming

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3 months ago

artillery is good at bombarding, so i would recommend using katyusha launchers (rocket launchers for martyr’s watch) to bombard tanks. if you would like a lot of damage and keep units in the same place as they first were, get camo liberty units since they have great artillery. If you want super heavy tanks to kill tanks one by one, use vanguard division.

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