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Updated on: March 2021

A game by Lilithgames

How to Download & Play Warpath on PC

With just 3 steps!

Download & Open the Installer

Sign In with your Google Account

download warpath

Press Install Warpath & Enjoy

Game Control

Action Button
Zoom in Control + Mousewheel UP
Zoom out Control + Mousewheel DOWN
Quests Q
Mails Z
Profile P
Chat C
Move right → D
Move left ← A
Move up ↑ S or Mousewheel UP
Move down ↓ W or Mousewheel DOWN

How to play Warpath in Landscape Mode?

  1. Download & Install Warpath with just 1 click from the button at the top of this page.
  2. Open the game.
  3. Open Settings menu (bottom right) or press Ctrl + Shift + I.
    play warpath landscape mode 1
  4. Enable “Play in Landscape Mode” then press Save.
    play warpath landscape mode 2
  5. Press Restart NOW and enjoy!
warpath pc landscape mode
Play Landscape mode with Warpath on your PC

Warpath PC Overview

  • Totally Free! Download and install the game with just 1 click!
  • Use your keyboard buttons + mouse to manage the troops and combats with ease.
  • Easily edit the hotkeys of the game to fit your playstyle.
  • Conquer the world like a true general using Bluestacks, the highest performance app player in the world. You can enjoy not only Warpath but also all other mobile games with ease by simply just download & installing them via Google Play.
  • Up to 8 times better performance compared to your high-end smartphones/tablets.
  • The Macros help you perform and repeat a series of complex actions. Create your own Macros and share it with other players.
  • Play multiple accounts at once using the Multiple Instances feature. Working perfectly on computers with just 2GB of RAM.
  • A lot of free Warpath codes are available!

Warpath is the brand-new Strategy mobile game from LilithGames and Wondergames, the father of the two super famous games on mobile, AFK Arena & Rise of Kingdoms. Since this is a real-time strategic video game, playing Warpath on your PC or Mac definitely gives you tons of advantages over normal players who enjoy the game on their phones or tablets. Using a big monitor, keyboard, and mouse, you can keep track of everything on the screen for hours a lot easier without worrying about your phone battery getting drained like crazy. The story of the game is evolved around the year 1941, when World War II is happening. And of course, things don’t happen as you might already know from history because you are now one of the commanders of the war. The Raven army is doing everything they can to conquer the world and they will never stop until all armies are lost to them. With your outstanding strategies, choose the officers you like the most and build up your own armies using 150+ real-life military units to stop them. warpath game interface Come and enjoy the game, travel back to 1941, and write yourself in the history of the world! Research pragmatic economic technologies efficiently and military technologies effectively to make your army one of the best in the world. Build up your army using different types of military units (tanks, infantry, artillery) and destroy everyone that wants to stop your way to victory! warpath units All of the PvP battles in the game are real-time combats on an open-field map with high intensity. There are a ton of things happening at the same time so take your advantage over all other players by playing Warpath on your PC or Laptop.

Build up your own army from the top-tier units now!

Warpath PC Gameplay Video

warpath pc

Download & Play
Warpath PC

Avoid lags and battery-draining when doing prolonged combats.
Bonus: Play multiple accounts easily!

Download & Play Warpath on PC