Top 5 Warpath Battle Tips

Here are some of the most basic but super important Warpath battle tips that everyone must know to avoid huge loss during any war fight.

Warpath Battle Tips

Know your units      

Do not send out everything you have.

You want to utilize units that best benefit what is needed on the field at the time.

  • If the enemies have a lot of Heavy Tank heavy tanks and you have a Tank Hunter tank hunter, use it
  • If they have fast troops on the field, try to utilize your faster marches.
  • If you have great Infantry Infantry or Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy or something for the frontline, use it to your benefit.

Know your place in the battle

For example, Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy Tanks and Infantry Infantry units are very slow, but they have great defensiveness.

  • If you have a really good infantry, you can bunker it.
  • If you have super heavy, it can stay in an area and absorb a lot of damage from units like lights that are out around moving fast or maybe the artillery and such.

You can use them to create a wall to block the enemies, not allowing them to pass through a tile until that tile is defeated. And when you have the barricade, all of the backline enemy units cannot fire (with the exception of artillery).

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Now can you can use the lights and the medium and get to the backline of the enemies, trying to find a hole to get there to take down the artillery or any units that aren’t engaged, having the enemies distracted and can possibly further make their cluster of power destroyed.

If you bring out artillery, because they’re super slow, make sure your base is close so you can try to counteract easier when they are getting around and getting to your artillery.

You need to know your place in the battle.

If you have any good units, try to utilize them.

You don’t have to be the number one killer ever because it’s all about group team effort.

You want to be able to create a barricade and learn how to fight with the units.

You also want to coordinate with your team. Your team should have a Discord and get on voice while doing war.

You also don’t have to join the fight, you can just keep and laying some markers to make sure the enemy doesn’t teleport to your backline.

warpath battle tips

Don’t cut off or block your teammates

Where you park your base is super important!

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A lot of people want to park their bases as close as possible to the battlefield because they hate waiting when troops marching out.

However, if everybody parks their bases too close. they will be in the way of allies getting in, so that their troops can only move through a small little area.

It will get very confusing and messy if troops have to go around when fighting. All strategies can easily be destroyed.

You want to be close but not too close.

You want to set your base up somewhat far back, probably about 50 kilometers back, and push forward.

If you make advancements. you can move your bases upfront but don’t become a hindrance, you want to create a nice distance so that you can create the barricade with ease while the enemies cannot get to your base.

Assign the correct Officers

Know your officers and pick the right officers that benefit your units the most!

Use Tank officers for Tank units, and so on.

It’s recommended to level up Percy first as she is great when you bring her into a group of allies.

Do not train units while your marches are far away

This is because once the training is done, the newly trained troops will walk across the map to join your armies and could be sniped down easily by the enemies that are on the field.

The enemies will get free kills and you will lose a lot of resources.

If you are weakened and the base is very far from the target, just remove all of the troops in the marches, and get back all of the resources. Then just train your units again and march them out as the marching speed is the same, no matter you are marching the whole army or some units.

This small knowledge can help you avoid losing a lot of Reserve Troops Capacity Reserves during a war!


Above are our best battle tips for new players when doing wars in Warpath. Hopefully, this guide will help you save a lot of resources as well as win the wars easier!

Don’t hesitate to comment down below if you have other tips for sharing with us!

A guide by Triple G Gaming

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