How to Upgrade/Assemble Units in Warpath

In Warpath, players can assemble or evolve units to a higher-tier of ascension via the Assembly Workshop inside the Research Center.

assembly workshop warpath

Assembling units allow you to increase their star level, getting much better stats, and unlocking a lot of powerful modifies for the unit.

By understanding how the Warpath assembly system works, players can avoid a lot of beginner’s mistakes which could slow down your game progress by a lot!

How Warpath Assembly System Works

Firstly, please take a look at the infographic below for a quick understanding!

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warpath assembly system

The Silver Route is for units from 4 to 5.5-star. The Gold Route is for 6+ star units.

  • x⭐→ x.5⭐: You need to sacrifice 2/3 exact copies of the unit you are upgrading.
  • x.5⭐→ y⭐: You need to have 2/3 units from the same faction of the unit you are upgrading.


  • You cannot use units from a faction to upgrade the others from other factions.
  • Never sacrifice copies of the unit you are targeting while upgrading it from x.5⭐→ y⭐. Take a look at the next section for more details!

Safe Units to Sacrifice?

When assembling units from 4.5⭐to 5⭐, 5.5⭐ to 6⭐, and so on, you need to sacrifice 2 units of the same faction.

For example, to upgrade the Vanguard Division‘s Anti-tank Gun from 4.5⭐ to 5⭐, I can sacrifice the other 4.5-star units coming from the same faction.

assembling units in warpath

At the moment, it’s safest to sacrifice Light Tanks, Heavy Tanks, Infantry Units, and Rocket Launcher. Martyrs’ Watch Medium Tank is probably the one working right now so you can consider sacrificing Medium Tanks of other factions.

Completed Assembly Guide

Assembling units allows you to increase your combat strength. By reaching the 5 silver star, 1 gold star, or two gold star levels, you will unlock six new characteristics to modify with which your unit will be able to greatly increase its power.

However, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the assembly system in order to avoid mistakes, even if at the beginning mistakes are easily remedied. Some assemblies require the same unit of the same level to level up, we will call them full mounts, while others must be made with units of the same side and of the same level which we will call decimal mounts.

full star upgrade

Full Star Upgrade

To go to the next level you must assemble two or three of these strictly identical units (same level, same side, same type). This assembly is the simplest because it is the one that leaves no room for choice or reflection.

download warpath

The game offers an automatic mode to make your job easier. By clicking on it, the game will select all units eligible for a full mount and display them to you as on the second of the three screens.

You will notice that you can check / uncheck the desired mounts. By clicking on the Mount button, the game will perform all the selected edits and display the result to you!

half star upgrade

Half Star Upgrade

This type of assembly must be done manually because you will have choices to make.

You will have to select two/three units of the same faction and of the same level (but not necessarily of the same type). The first unit selected will be the one that will level up, the other two units will be sacrificed and disappear from your hangar. Below are some tips from player experience in the game:

In order to make the best progress and try to climb as high as possible, check if the result of the assembly allows you to achieve another one later (if you climb three 4.5 star units to obtain a 5-star unit, check if you already have one in stock in order to carry out an additional assembly later).

Assembly Tips:

  • Always start your builds with the lowest units, this will give you more choices for higher unit builds.
  • You cannot sacrifice a unit if it is in your battle deck. You will have to remove it first if you want to sacrifice it.
  • If you sacrifice a unit on which you have invested (Arms EXP, Ammunition, parts, Components), the game will restore the items to you before sacrificing the unit.
  • The higher the units, the more difficult the choices. Sometimes it makes more sense to wait the next week rather than create a void in your defense.

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