How to Modify Warpath Units Effectively

In Warpath, modifying units is one of the best ways to increase their power grades. However, as you go to the mid and late phase of the game, modifications become more and more expensive.

If you just focus on maxing out a specific unit, it will take a lot of time and resources. Not to mention that your other units would not be strong and your team wouldn’t have a perfect balance.

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How to Modify Warpath Units Effectively?

Howitzer/Anti-tank Gun has 4 Modification sections in total, while Tanks have only 3. At the starting of the game, feel free to max out the first 2-3 sections of the unit Modify tab to get to the final section.

Here, things will become a lot more expensive to upgrade and you must pick the perks wisely to upgrade.

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You need up to 17,600 Components Components to max out a node here, which is quite huge!

So, which are the best stats to consider when upgrading your units modifications?

Modify Howitzer/Anti-tank Gun Units

  • Load Time is super important.
  • Fire Accuracy.
  • Firepower.

Movement speed is not worth it because you will never have enough speed to deal with any kind of tank. it’s totally pointless.

Blast Damage Resistance is also not worth investing as if they can reach your artilleries, it doesn’t mean much.

By working on the 3 mentioned stats above, you can save up to 35,200 Components Components

Modify Tank Units

You still need to max out the first 2 sections.

When it comes to the 3rd section, Durability is must-have for all kinds of tanks.

March is not worth investing because the Super Heavy/Heavy Tanks are super slow and this doesn’t increase their movement speed much.

Armor Depth and Firepower are the next things you want to max out.

Penetration depth is only useful if it’s Tank Hunter.

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