Research Center & How to Research Tech Effectively

warpath research centerIn Warpath, Research Center is where you research the technologies and developments of the military and industry.

From there, you can strengthen the power of your units, unlock new perks, produce faster, and a lot of other stuff!

How to Research Techs Effectively

The first 2 techs research are:

  • Industrialism: Unlocks the level 2 mining sites.
  • Compulsory National Service offers 100 Reserve troop capacity, which is super important at the beginning.

Super important to have them unlocked right away!

After that, you want to focus move a bit to the Industry tab!

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Now you want to research the Engineering Tests so you can get the Tech Research Speed +5%. Then, go to the Mechanical Design that increases the Collection Efficiency by 5%.

Next we have Steam Power and Rubber Industry, which give you 1 more Collection Convoy and allow you to farm higher level mining sites.

At this point of the game, you want to farm as much as possible. You will have enough resources to get your buildings to level 17 HQ soon without any problem.

Now, switch to the Military tab a little bit. Research Fire Projection Theory, Rapid Deployment Theory, and First Aid at a minimum level to unlock the T2 Units.

You want to unlock the T2 units now so that you can push them to level 40. This is the perfect time to unlock Tier 2 units because even if you unlock it early, you still don’t have enough resources (especially Ammunition Ammo) to get them to level 40.

You can now go max out Fire Projection Theory, Rapid Deployment Theory, and First Aid if your Alliance requires a lot of bunker farming activities.

Now go back to the Industry tab.

I recommend researching everything here until you get the Internal Combustion Engine and Plastics which give you 1 more Collection Convoy and unlock level 4 mining sites. After that you can push to level 20 a lot easier!

Having level 20 barracks and HQ is a super important milestone!

I don’t recommend maxing other techs soon even though it doesn’t take too long! This all depends on your situation.

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If you are really in need of resources, or if your alliance doens’t require too much wars, you can go all in the Industry!

Always use Rush during events that require you to use rush Rush. Never use Rush if there isn’t any event ongoing!

After that you can go to the Military and work on the Durability Boosts and Recovery Rate! Upgrade them to level 3/5 so you can unlock the Trench Tactics. As soon as you do that, upgrade Trench Tactics to level 5 because Recovery Rate is super important in this game, especially during the war time (this time).

After you are done researching Plastics and Internal Combustion Engine, you want to start researching the T3 units, allowing your troops to get to level 60.

Know your unit and work on your most important camp first because T3 units take a lot of resources and time to research.

Only complete these researches during the events because you will get tons of points, having a chance to get to the top ranking & win sculptures.

After that, get back to the Industry once again and focus on getting more farming speed!

At this point, I would upgrade Public Transport, Division of Labor, Chemical Industry, and Corporate Trusts to 3/5 first to get Eletrification and Electric Engines (1 extra truck and level 5 mining site enabledO.

Now you have enough trucks to farm resources efficiently to get your buildinngs to level 22-23 at least. Remember to always farm in your Alliance territory for the 25 farming speed boost.

Now, focus on the Sientific Research Funds that gives you 15% Speed buff on reseraching at max level..

After that, work on the Assembly Line Production for the Production Speed Boost.

After this, work on the Military Breakthrough Tactics, Group Assault Tactics, and Streamroller Tactics that give you firepower each camp. Get them to 4/10 so you can unlock Command & Control, making it 4/10 and you will be able to unlock T4 units, a super crucial milestone.

Upgrade and rush them during the Grand Showdown and you will get tons of points for yourself and your city!

Due to the amount of time and resources top Techs take, I always tell you to focus on the Industry first to save a lot of time later in the game.

After done researching T4, I recommend slowly researching everything left on the list that you skipped before.

Go back to the Industry and work on the Track Suspension, make it 4/10 then get the Automation to get 1 extra Collection Convoy and Satellites to unlock all mining sites. These 2 are very important when you coming to City level 2, where there are a lot of high-level mining sites. Finding level 4-5 sites here are very hard!

Unlocking these helps you farm a lot faster!

After these 2, move back to the Military and work on requires small techs that unlock the T5 troops. Getting them to level 4 is enough to unlock T5 (ensure yyou have building level 26 first).

All Warpath Research Technologies

Industry Research Tree

ResearchTime to CompleteBonusMax Level
Industrialism1 hourLevel 2 mining sites1
Engineering Tests4 hours+5% Tech research speed5
Mechanical Design4 hours+5% Collection efficiency5
Steam Power19 hours1 additional collection truck1
Rubber Industry19 hoursLevel 3 mining sites1
Cranes23 hours+8% Collection efficiency5
Arms Industry9 hours+10% Military funds collection speed5
Metallurgy9 hours+10% Steel collection speed5
Crude Oil Industry9 hours+10% Oil collection speed5
Industrial Logistics69 hours+10% Production Speed1
Internal Combustion Engine23 hours1 additional collection truck1
Plastics23 hoursLevel 4 mining sites1
Public Transport74 hours+?% Military funds collection speed5
Division of Labor74 hours+?% Steel collection speed5
Chemical Industry74 hours+?% Oil collection speed5
Corporate Trusts128 hours+?% collection efficiency5
Electricfication118 hours+1 collection convoy1
Electric Engines118 hoursLevel 5 mining sites1
Assembly Line Production247 hoursIncreased production speed10
Scientific Research Funds247 hoursIncreased technology research speed10
Track Suspension400 hoursIncreased collection efficiency10
Automation196 hours+1 collection convoy1
Satellites196 hoursAll mining site levels unlocked1
Work System Reform1267 hoursIncreased collection efficiency10
Intensive Industries4921 hoursIncreased production speed10
Computer Technology4921 hoursIncreased technology research speed10
Urbanization1857 hoursIncreased Military funds collection efficiency10
Steel Alloys1857 hoursIncreased Steel collection efficiency10
Offshore Drilling1857 hoursIncreased Oil collection efficiency10

Military Research Tree

ResearchTime to maxUnlockMax Level
Compulsory National Service1 hour+100 Reserve troops1
Fire Projection Theory36 hours+5% Firepower5
Rapid Deployment Theory36 hours+5% troop speed5
First Aid36 hours+5% Durability5
Right to Arms18 hoursCamp Liberty units level cap increased to 401
Prussian Army18 hoursVanguard Division units level cap increased to 401
Soviet Troops18 hoursMartyrs Watch units level cap increased to 401
Logistics Systems138 hoursCamp Liberty unit durability increased5
Military Traditions138 hoursVanguard Division unit durability increased5
Battlefield Philosophy138 hoursMartyrs Watch unit durability increased5
Trench Tactics135 hours+35% recovery rate5
Warrant Officer system54 hours Camp Liberty units level cap increased to 601
Instructor System54 hoursVanguard Division units level cap increased to 60 1
Commissar System54 hoursMartyrs Watch units level cap increased to 601
Breakthrough Tactics329 hoursCamp Liberty unit firepower increased5
Group Assault Tactics329 hoursVanguard Division unit firepower increased5
Steamroller Tactics329 hoursMartyrs Watch unit firepower increased5
Command and Control441 hoursReserve troops capacity increased10
Patriotism432 hoursCamp Liberty units level cap increased to 801
Chivalry432 hoursVanguard Division units level cap increased to 801
The People's Army432 hoursMartyrs Watch units level cap increased to 801
Artillery Bombardment559 hoursUniversal firepower increase10
Live-Fire Drills559 hoursUniversal troop speed increase10
Defense in Depth559 hoursUniversal durability increase10
Consensus Propaganda1442 hoursUniversal recovery rate increase10
Heavy Trucks1704 hoursLiberty Troop speed increase10
Half Tracks1704 hoursVanguard Troop speed increase10
Wheels and Tracks1704 hoursMartyrs Troop speed increase10
Mechanized Division974 hoursCamp Liberty units level cap increased to 1201
Tank Troops974 hoursVanguard Division units level cap increased to 1201
Soviet Guards974 hoursMartyrs Watch units level cap increased to 1201
High Explosive Shells8184 hoursCamp Liberty firepower increase10
Half Tracks8184 hoursVanguard Division firepower increase10
Wheels and Tracks8184 hoursMartyrs' Watch firepower increase10
Mechanization8869 hoursCamp Liberty durability10
Motorization8869 hoursVanguard Division durability10
Protective Armor8869 hoursMartyrs' Watch durability10
Mobilization act13543 hoursReserve troops capacity increase10
Precision Strike21112 hoursUniversal firepower increase10
Flexible Defense21112 hoursUniversal durability increase10
Air-Ground Cooperation4953 hoursCamp Liberty units level cap increased to 2001
Blitzkrieg4953 hoursVanguard Division units level cap increased to 2001
Storm of Steel4953 hoursMartyrs Watch units level cap increased to 2001

City Honors Tree

ResearchTime to maxUnlockMax Level
Strategic Supplies15 hourIncreased Daily Arms Race points gain from mining5
War Loans30 hoursIncreased Daily Arms Race points gain from collecting Military funds5
Steel Reserves30 hoursIncreased Daily Arms Race points gain from collecting Steel5
Crude Oil Reserves30 hoursIncreased Daily Arms Race points gain from collecting Oil5
Company of Heroes30 hoursAble to earn Daily Arms Race tier 4-6 rewards1
Wartime Rationing220 hoursIncreased point earned through Daily Arms Race missions10
Productivity Race220 hoursIncreased Arms Race points earned through Production Rush10
Combat Engineering220 hoursIncreased Arms Race points earned through Building Power10
Coordinated Attack440 hoursIncreased Arms Race points earned through destroying Raven Bunkers10
Fire Suppression440 hoursIncreased Arms Race points earned through defeating Raven Troops10
Iron Army300 hoursAble to earn Daily Arms Race tier 7-9 rewards1
Scientific Breakthrough880 hoursIncreased Arms Race points earned through Research Rush10
Key Projects880 hoursIncreased Arms Race points earned when increasing Research Power10
Sustainable Warfare1568 hoursIncreased pointed earned through Daily Arms Race missions10
Outnumbering the Enemy3520 hoursIncreased Arms Race points earned when using Arms Coupons10
Advantages of Generation Gaps3520 hoursUniversal Components used for Assembly earns more points10
Liberation50 hoursIncrease Daily Arms Race rewards by 200%1

Research Center Stats

Level Research Speed Power
Lv. 1 0% 10
Lv. 2 0.50% 30
Lv. 3 1.00% 60
Lv. 4 1.50% 110
Lv. 5 2% 190
Lv. 6 2.50% 340
Lv. 7 3% 640
Lv. 8 3.50% 1035
Lv. 9 4% 1535
Lv. 10 4.50% 2135
Lv. 11 5% 2845
Lv. 12 5.50% 3650
Lv. 13 6% 4670
Lv. 14 6.50% 6245
Lv. 15 7% 8400
Lv. 16 7.50% 11085
Lv. 17 8% 14290
Lv. 18 8.50% 18190
Lv. 19 9% 22645
Lv. 20 10% 27650
Lv. 21 11% 33210
Lv. 22 12% 39295
Lv. 23 13% 46185
Lv. 24 14% 58650
Lv. 25 15% 76650
Lv. 26 16% 99900
Lv. 27 17,50% 148650
Lv. 28 19% 218965
Lv. 29 20,50% 334745
Lv. 30 22% 452685
Lv. 31 25% 573060
Lv. 32 30% 694935

Upgrade Costs

LevelFundsSteelOilWood PlanksBricksCementI-BeamsAsphaltConcreteEXPPower
Lv. 01350162010803N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A150
Lv. 12700324021606N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A3020
Lv. 240504860324022N/AN/AN/AN/A4530
Lv. 354006480432033N/AN/AN/AN/A6050
Lv. 4900010800720065N/AN/AN/AN/A10580
Lv. 51800021600144001110N/AN/AN/AN/A215150
Lv. 6270003240021600543N/AN/AN/A320300
Lv. 7360004320028800765N/AN/AN/A430395
Lv. 8450005400036000876N/AN/AN/A540500
Lv. 96300075600504001097N/AN/AN/A755600
Lv. 1081000972006480012109N/AN/AN/A970710
Lv. 119000010800072000151311N/AN/AN/A1080805
Lv. 12135000162000108000191714N/AN/AN/A16201020
Lv. 1327000032400021600015N/A119N/AN/A32401575
Lv. 14450000540000360000N/A171411N/AN/A54002155
Lv. 155400006480004320003833N/A22N/AN/A64802685
Lv. 16630000756000504000N/A252216N/AN/A75603205
Lv. 17990K1188K7920K36N/A2721N/AN/A118803900
Lv. 181125K1350K900KN/A342922N/AN/A135004455
Lv. 191260K1512K1008K53463930N/AN/A151205005
Lv. 201395K1674K1116KN/A32272018N/A167405560
Lv. 211485K1782K1188K5145N/A2925N/A178206085
Lv. 222,025M2,43M1,62MN/A40342622N/A243006890
Lv. 234,95M5,94M3,96M79N/A594539N/A5940012465
Lv. 246,3M7,56M5,04MN/A100856557N/A7560018000
Lv. 257,2M8,64M5,76M158N/A1189079N/A8640023250
Lv. 2618M21,6M14,40MN/A295253192168N/A21600048750
Lv. 2722,50M27M18MN/AN/A25419316915427000070315
Lv. 2842,75M51,30M34,20N/A600514392N/A311513000115780
Lv. 2943,2M51,84M34,56M681N/A511N/A340309518400117940
Lv. 3044,1M52,92M35,28MN/A562N/A367321292529200120375
Lv. 3145M54M36MN/AN/A447341298271540000121875

Research Center


This is where you do the researches for industry and military stuff.

Doing research requires a certain amount of resources and time to finish. The first researches may only take a few minutes to finish but the high-end technologies might take days to weeks to finish.


Combining the same unit multiple times to upgrade it to the next level.

Depending on the rarity of the unit, it might take 2 or more copies of that unit to assemble.

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