Mira Volkova – White Wolf

Mira Volkova – White Wolf is a Warpath officer from Martyrs Watch. She has a lot of experience in frontline combats. She is featured in the game Campaign and all players will get her shortly after that.

Mira Volkova - White Wolf

Commando Captain who is rough around the edges. No one knows exactly what turned her into such a ruthless and willful person. But her great sense of responsibility has earned her respect among soldiers of all ranks.

Mira Volkova Basic Information

Aliases: White Wolf
Martyrs Watch

Mira Volkova Skills

ClusterblastUnleashes a grenade bombardment and deals damage towards the enemies. Increases damage for Infantry units.


  • Damage: +550 / +650 / +800 / + 950 / +1200
  • Infantry Damage Bonus: 10%/13%/16%/20%/25%
Targeted WeaknessIncreases unit damage.


  • Damage: +5%/+7%/+9%/+12%/+15%
Morale BoosterIncreases unit infantry firepower.


  • Firepower: +10%/+14%/+18%/+24%/+30%
Bunker BoosterIncreases bunker damage resistance.


  • Bunder Damage Resistance: +5%/+7%/+9%/+12%/+15%
VengeanceSkill Boost: Clusterblast

Unleashes a grenade bombardment, dealing 1200 damage to the enemies. Deal 30% additional damage to a random target within 2 Map Grids (25% damage to Infantry units).

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