Wilhelm Von Zeppelin – Guardian of Truth

Wilhelm Von Zeppelin

Born into a family of veterans, Wilhelm is a tank commander. He is stern, strong as an ox, and highly dignified. His greatest honor is to command his troops to victory over the enemy.

Wilhelm Von Zeppelin Basic Information

Aliases: Guardian of Truth
Affiliation: Vanguard Division

Wilhelm Von Zeppelin, or Guardian of Truth, is a great commander for your tank units. Players can get him from the Tutorial Quests when you first play the game.

Wilhelm Von Zeppelin Skills

Knight of ValorDealing a huge amount of damage towards the enemies. Additional damage when being blasted by tank units.


  • Damage: +550 / +650 / +800 / + 950 / +1200
  • Tank Damage: 10%/13%/16%/20%/25%
Iron WillIncreases unit damage resistance.


  • Damage Resistance: +5%/+7%/+9%/+12%/+15%
ExploderIncreases tank fire power.


  • Firepower: +10% / +14% / +18% / +24% / +30%
BallisticsIncreases unit penetration.


  • Penetration: +15% / +20% / +25% / +30% / +40%
Phantom PowerSkill Boost: Knight of Valor

Dealing 1200 damage towards the enemies. +25% additional damage and +10% combat damage resistance when damage being blasted by tank units.

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