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The Alliance in Warpath is a group of players who share the same goal to grow up together and stay stronger.

This is the main topic that Warpath evolves around! If you are alone out there, you just cannot survive.

Alliance Main Menu
Alliance Main Menu

Each member of the Alliance helps each other to grow stronger in the game: From defeating Raven bunkers, expanding the Alliance territory, to defeating other Alliances and become the king of the world!

The Alliance power is calculated based on the power of all Alliance members. Each Alliance first has 50 members at max, but the limit increases as the Alliance expands the territory and completes Alliance researches.

Advantages of Joining Alliance

Beside being protected by your Alliance friends from any outside threat, there are a ton of benefits for joining an Alliance as soon as possible!

Warpath Alliance Gifts

Alliance Gifts

Whenever your Alliance members purchase a game package that offers the Alliance Gifts, or when they destroy a Raven bunker, a gift will be sent to all Alliance members.

Players can easily claim all of these gifts via the Gifts section of the Alliance menu.

The gift from package purchases is always better than the Bunker one.

After getting a certain amount of Alliance Gifts, there is a huge gift chest unlocked for everyone!

When an Alliance Gift is opened, Members receive Rewards and the alliance receives Gift Contributions.  Alliance Spoils are unlocked when Gift Contributions is maxed. Alliance Members can then open Spoils to obtain rich Rewards and the alliance earns Spoils Points.

Claiming Spoils Points increases the alliance Spoils Lvl. The higher the alliance Spoils Lvl, the more superior and generous the Rewards.

Farming Faster

Resource farming speed in your Alliance Territory is increased by 25%, which is quite a lot!

Most new players don’t know this!

Once you have done some proper tech researches, and once your Alliance has some great techs, you just need a little amount of time to fully collect resources from a resource node.

After fully collecting resources from the mine, you will also receive an Alliance cate that can contain Gold and supplies, depending on the level of the mine you collected.

Warpath Alliance Research

Alliance Research

Alliance offers a technology research system that gives tons of benefits to all of the members.

There are 3 tech trees in the Alliance Research section: Developments, Alliance, and Military.

  • Development has techs that boost resource collecting, material producing, tech researching, and Unit Recruitment.
  • Alliance is evolving around Alliance member limit, Alliance territories, Alliance strorage limit, Alliance construction building time, etc.
  • Millitary is about unit combat buffs, etc.

warpath alliance store

Alliance Store

The Alliance Store is open for all Alliance members.

Here, players can purchase different types of items using the Commander credits: From normal supplies, rushes, building materials, to VIP points, Ammunition, unit parts, etc.

The Leader and Officers of the Alliance can restock the items using Alliance points.

Alliance points can be earned by contributing to Alliance Research and occupying buildings for the Alliance.

Event Rewards

There are a lot of Warpath events that require people to be in an Alliance to join.

Alliance Chat

Stay close to your Alliance friends and discuss stuff with more comfortable using the Alliance Chat.

The Alliance Chat is private and only available for people in the Clan.

Alliance Progress

Research Donations

Each member of the Alliance has 20 contribution points at max, which can be used to contribute to the Alliance Research.

The contribution points auto regenerate 1 every 30 minutes.

Every time you donate, you also need to spend a small number of resources and receive the Alliance points back as well as fill up the Tech Point bar. Alliance points can be used to purchase items from the Alliance Shop.

Once the Tech Point bar is filled up, Alliance Leader can start researching that specific Tech.

Territory Seizure

In order for the Alliance to grow up, you will need to build up the turrets and Central Command for it on the map to expand the territory.

When capturing a new territory, it will flash on the map

To speed up the capturing progress, the Alliance members can relocate their base to this new alliance.

The more Alliance member bases located in the new territory, the faster you can capture it.

Having your base in the new territory when capturing it also gives you Commander Credits overtime, which can be used to purchase items in the Alliance Shop.

Alliance Ranks

Alliance leader is the only one who can promote or demotion any member in the Clan

Alliance Officers, Rank 4 (R4) members, have the highest rank amongst all normal members.

Alliance Officers are able to build up turrets and Command Centers, and having some other special abilities to manage the Alliance.

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The Alliance in Warpath is a group of players who share the same goal to grow up together and stay stronger. This is the main...

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