How to Attack Raven Bunkers Effectively

Here are some tips for you to defeat Raven Bunkers in Warpath effectively and max out the event rewards!

raven bunkers

Tips for Defeating Raven Bunkers

  • Only spend Energy bottles during the Jurisdiction Event!
  • During normal days, use your Energy to farm normal Raven units on the map.
  • If you are a free player and don’t want to waste a lot of resources when farming Raven Bunkers, it’s highly recommended to use Launcher Rocket Launchers because it has really high damage and great attack range.
    • Place it on the 3rd tile from the bunker to avoid damage.
    • Make sure you have other tanky troops placed in front of the Launchers to take damage and protect Launchers.Raven Bunkers guide
  • The event regarding farming Raven Bunker is happening at 4:00 AM UTC Sunday. There isn’t any event on Saturday requiring you to spend Energy so you can time it to have full Energy when the event starts.
  • If you are out of energy to pick up the last reward, you can just let it there and pick it up later whenever you have enough Energy. It will only get removed after the daily reset.
  • Farming Bunkers give a lot more value than farming normal Raven units.
  • Attacking 25-27 Bunkers is enough to get all of the event rewards (2700 Gold + tons of rewards) – quite a lot!
  • It’s extremely hard to defeat one yourself and of course, it’s not worth it at all! You want to do this with your Alliance members.
  • Defeating Raven Plunders gives everyone in the Alliance a chest, giving many potential rewards!
  • Choose the correct officers for your units.

farming raven bunkers

Raven Bunker In-game Information

Raven Bunkers are dens guarded by fierce Raven troops, filled to the brim with valuable plunder.

  1. When under attack, bloodthirsty troops are sent out from Raven bunkers at fixed time to launch vicious counterattacks. Each counterattack is a targeted revenge on units that have caused damage to the Raven bunker or its troops.
  2. Once a Raven bunker has been destroyed, Commanders who have damaged the Raven bunker or its troops will be rewarded with a chest full of plunder.
  3. When there are no longer any troops posing a thread to Raven within a fixed zone around the Raven bunker, the bunker’s durability starts to recover.
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