Warpath Campaigns

Warpath Campaign is one of the most important parts of the game that offers lots of rewards and passive income that you simply just cannot ignore.

Warpath Campaign Guide

What units to pick for the Campaign?

Everybody should have a sponge, which is a tanky unit that soaks damage for the other units.

  • If you are a free-to-play player or a low spender, you want to focus on either Heavy or Super Heavy Tank.
  • Unless you spend a lot of money or have a very high-level Medium tank or Tank Hunter, it wouldn’t be a problem.

The Tiger in Vanguard is probably the best Heavy tank for soaking damage. It is going to do really well against the enemies in the Campaign.

The Heavy Tank gets countered by the Tank Hunter so in the campaign when you have Tank Hunters along the lines you’re going to be kind of screwed with that.

What are the other units that you could pair with the heavy?

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Medium: Medium is a very well-rounded unit. All camps have Medium tanks but I specifically like Martyr’s Watch Medium as it can self-heal. It counters not only a Light but also a Tank Hunter, which is a direct counter to your Super Heavy or Heavy Tank.

After that, you also want to have some Artillery for the backline.

Why should I use artillery?

Because inside of the campaign mode, you have to face a lot of Infantry units so you definitely need Howitzers or some type of Artillery as they are best for dealing with Infantry. Having two of Artillery/Howitzer is enough!

You’re also gonna face some Super Heavy tanks so having something that can pierce those Super Heavy tanks like an anti-tank gun will also does very well.

Infantry should be the final unit you want to use!

A lot of people don’t really care to upgrade infantry because they don’t think it’s a good end game against PvP units from our tier list but it is a very good unit for the campaign!

Infantry can bunker and do well against those pesky little tanks like the Light tanks and other tanks inside of the campaign!

The whole point is to strategize to find out what you need and that is a good spread of everything that you can have!

Unit Levels

In the first three chapters, you can pretty much complete with tier 5 units.

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But once you get into chapter 4 or 5, you want to try to get your units up to a gold star which is a tier 6 and you can level up your units to 80, you’ll definitely be doing good inside of the campaign.

Try to modify your units and equip some silver parts.

Infield fightings

The first thing I usually do is to move the tankiest unit towards the front so that it can take the damage first. It could be Heavy, Super Heavy, or even Medium if yours is very beefed up.

When you face a big number of enemies in a cluster, you want to separate them by pulling a part of the enemies using your fastest unit or you can go from one side to the other side.

In short, you don’t want to fight all of them at once.

Since your units have different movement speeds, try to move slowly in a short distance to avoid having your fastest units taking damage while the slower ones are still running behind.

You also want to have all of your armies focus on one target and take it down one by one. Doing this helps you focus all of your firepowers to take down the enemies as soon as possible, helping your armies not taking too much damage.

Tip: Tap on an enemy target to see its attack range and make sure your front-line units don’t trigger them while the backlines are still walking behind.

Guide by Triple G Gaming

Late-Game Campaign

If you are at stage 11+, the best recommendation right now is to max out Antonina Shevchenko Antonina Shevchenko asap due to the huge attack range she offers.

By using only her, you are able to defeat almost all of the campaign units without even getting hit by them, since her attack range is super far.

If you don’t have Antonina maxed yet, try to have 1 Super Heavy Tank + 3 Howitzers + 1 Anti-tank Gun in your army formation.

Antonina Attack Range

What is Warpath Campaign?

Warpath Campaign is a PvE game mode that is built to help players understand the game storyline, control, and tactics easier.

In the Campaign, players are fighting against the Raven force. Many officers and units of the game will be also introduced here during the first chapters. Players will need to use those given units/officers for different tactics to defeat the enemies in actual combats.

After finishing each Campaign missions, players will take control of the relative city/base and gain rewards passively overtime, including Arms EXP, Ammunition, Unit Parts, many other stuff.

Rewards are accumulated and can be collected any time via the Campain menu in Warpath.

warpath campaigns

All Warpath Campaigns

Chapter 1: Battle of Moscow

The Battle of Moscow is introduced during the Tutorial Chapter 5 at the beginning of the game.

There are 20 different missions in Chapter 1 with the difficulty getting gradually increased.

When you first enter the Chapter 1, the Klin Militia is on the backfoot and waiting for the assistance to occupy the key sections.

This is where Mira Volkova is introduced! She is the commander of the army here!

Chapter 2: Battle of El Alamein

After Battle of El Alamein, Battle of El Alamein takes place.

You need to help the allies in El Alamein to push back the Raven.

Wilhelm Von Zeppelin is introduced here and will help you win the battles easier.

Chapter 3: Battle of Kursk-Southern France

After the Battle of El Alamein, players need to help the Martyr’s Watch in Kursk push back the Raven force.

Valery Alexei is the main commander of this chapter.

Chapter 4: Battle Leningrad

Keep helping Martyr’s Watch stop Raven in Leningrad.

Chapter 5: Operation Bagration

Chapter 6: Dnieper River

Chapter 7: Berlin

Chapter 8: Stalingrad

Campaign Store

Campaign Store

1. The Campaign Store offers Ammo, Components and Arsenal Blueprints for Commanders to purchase using Campaign Coins, acquired through Campaign Rewards.
2. Store purchases are limited and refreshed every 3 days. When refreshed, the number of purchases becomes restored.
3. Each time the Store is refreshed, a new Value Purchase is released.
4. As you make purchases your Purchase Lvl upgrades. unlocking a wider range of purchases.
5. As your Purchase Lvl increases. you not only unlock a wider range of purchases, but also unlock a Statue Offer with a Purchase Limit of 1.

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