Battle Honors

Battle Honors is a series of Warpath events that last for 8 days. During these events, players need to complete different missions to get the rewards while having a certain daily buff.

battle honors

Battle Honors Timeline:

Daily Theme Daily Buff
Day 1: Resource Collection Collection Efficiency +10%
Day 2: Building Upgrades Production Speed +2%
Day 3: Scientific Breakthrough Tech Research Speed +2%
Day 4: Recruiting Drive Collection Efficiency +10%
Day 5: Base Construction Production Speed +2%
Day 6: Full Speed Ahead Tech Research Speed +2%
Day 7: Unrivalled Progress Collection Efficiency +10%
Combat Drills Base Firepower +2%

Battle Honors Rules:

1. Earn Points for completing Missions at each stage of the event. There’s no limit to how many times a Mission can be completed.

2.1% of the Points earned by Commanders will be channeled into the City Points for the Commander’s city. The total City Points earned then unlock the Victory Rewards.

3. During the event all Commanders can enjoy fresh buffs each day.

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4. Daily Rankings feature the top 50 Ranks in your Battleground. When Daily Missions come to an end, ranked Commanders are sent Rewards via Mail.

5. Overall Rankings feature the top 100 Ranks in your Battleground. When the event comes to an end, ranked Commanders aree sent Rewards via Mail.


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