How to Use B2B (Base-to-Base) Strategy

what’s going on warpath family well you’ve clicked it again it’s another triple g video yes we must all suffer through this but today we are going to go over a little bit about base tactics

If you are finding it hard to do base fighting in Warpath, continue reading as we are going to give you a lot of B2B tactics in this article.

how to b2b warpath

The normal Base-to-base team composition should look like this:

  • 1x Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy Tank: Soaking damage to protect other units, very tanky.
  • 1x Tank Hunter Tank Hunter Tank: Could be replaced with Light Tank or Medium Hunter.
  • 3x Howitzer Howitzers: Artillery & Anti-tank Gun

A lot of new players usually wonder about the most effective tactics to attack another base with their bases being close, which is also called Base-to-base or B2B.

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First,  here are the best officer pairings for your artilleries: EruptorAntonina Shevchenko and Adjutant PercyRandall Miller.

And you of course want to use the best officers for your best artillery. EruptorAntonina Shevchenko Eruptor and Antonina is currently the best pairing for Artillery. You should max Antonina skills first, but get Eruptor to level 60 first. Check out our Artillery Officers guide for more details on this.

Attacking Bases with B2B Strategy

  1. Take your Super Heavy out.
  2. Get it close to the enemy base, within its attack range.
  3. Get your Artillery units out, have them stay close to your base, behind the Super Heavy. Doing this allows you to go back in quickly in case you have to defend or somebody pops out and tries to kill them.
  4. Start shooting the base using your Super-Heavy.
  5. The enemy base and defending tanks within 2 grids will attack you.
  6. After 4 seconds, the enemy artilleries will also hit you. After another 4 seconds, the enemy artillery officer skills will bomb down on you, dealing a ton of damage. A lot of units would be destroyed because of this!
  7. Pull your artilleries in to attack the enemy base while it is locking on your Super Heavy.
  8. Come back to heal and attack again.

In the late game, the Super-Heavy Tank usually has 8-15M durability, allowing the SH to last 3-5 hits from the defending artilleries.

Most players right now do the skill charge for the artillery officers before actually attacking a base. By doing this, the officers will have their active skills ready to fire off right in the first hit.

If you have maxed Antonina, you can attack any raven without being attacked by them, allowing her energy bar to be charged up.  And once it’s enough, you can bring your artillery units to attack the enemies.

If you don’t have maxed Antonina, use your Super Heavy to tank for your artilleries while attacking the Ravens.

Base-to-Base Tips

You always want your Artilleries to stay at the back so that if the enemy is online and they want to target your artilleries, they have to move to the front of their base to attack you. You don’t want them to stay by the sides of their base as you need to travel around to target them while getting hit by them, giving them the potential to attack you first.

After that, in case the enemy attacks your base and it goes to the defense mode. And if you take out your SH and your Artilleries to defend, they will be hit by the enemy units and their base immediately (without delay) as your units were already attacked before.

If both you and the enemy units are in the field, and he is standing next to his base. If you attack him, his base will fire off towards your units. A lot of players utilize this by baiting the enemies to attack next to their base.

In short, make sure you know the situation to know the best strategies to use!

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