Best Artillery Officer Combo

It’s very clear that Artillery Units are super strong and everyone should use them, but do you know the best Artillery Officers and how to use them effectively yet?

Hopefully, after reading this guide, you will be able to understand how to make the most of them!

There are many officers that could work for artilleries, however, the most powerful ones are:

  1. Antonina Shevchenko Antonia Shevchenko
  2. Eruptor The Eruptor
  3. Randall Miller War Machine

They help you make the most of your artilleries. However, which one should get maxed skills first? Which one should be levelled to 60 first?

Firstly, let’s take a look at their skills when maxed!

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Best Artillery Officers

Randall Miller

War Machine

  • Raining Bullets: Prep Time: 8s. Pelts the enemy with continuous machine-gun fire, dealing troop damage (Dmg Coefficient 1200) and increases troop load speed by 10%. Lasts for 4s.
  • War Hero: Attack Damage +15%
  • Fire Suppression: Troop Firepower +20%
  • Free Will: Load Speed +10%
  • Mighty Fighter: Raining Bullets: Prep Time: 8s. Pelts the enemy with continuous machine-gun fire, dealing troop damage (Dmg Coefficient 1300) and increases troop load speed by 10%. Lasts for 8s.


The Eruptor

  • Saturation Fire: Prep Time 8s. Used for Mortar Bombardment, inflicting enemy Troop Damage (Damage Coefficient 1050). Artillery Kill Radius +6% for 8s.
  • Bunker Strike: Additional Troop Damage +25% when attacking fortifications.
  • Ballistic Cover: Artillery Firepower +30%
  • Masterblaster: Artillery Kill Radius +6%
  • Flamestorm: Artillery Reload Speed +10%

Antonina Shevchenko

Antonina Shevchenko

  • Assassination: Prep Time 8s. Used for Precision Bombardment, inflicting enemy Troop Damage (Dmg Coefficient 1200). Additional Skill Damage +25% dealt by Artillery units.
  • Counterattack: Troop Dmg +25% when garrisoned.
  • Long Range: Artillery Firepower +30%
  • Charisma: Officer Skill Damage +25%
  • The Motherland: Artillery Trajectory +1 Map Grid

So which Artillery officer should I max out first?

This is a very hard question that requires some serious researches. If you make a wrong move, you could slow down your game progress by a lot and not taking a clear advantage on the battlefield.

When your officer hits level 60, he/she will get a 30% bonus for their durability and firepower, which is quite a lot.

  • Level 59: Firepower +30%
  • Level 60: Durability +30%

Leveling up an officer to level 60 requires a ton of resources and due to the huge buffs they offers, it’s recommended to focus working on only one officer at the same time until you max them.

To make it easier for you to choose, below is a quick test for all of the mentioned officers above.

All of them are at level 60 and have maxed skills and here is the result:

  • Antonia + War Machine: 14.9m damage dealt.
  • Antonia + Eruptor: 16m damage dealt.
  • Eruptor + Antonia: 16.8m damage dealt.

artillery officers test

The differences seem to be huge by just switching the position of the officers when leading the army. Event in a short amount of time when attacking level 32 bases, the results are totally different!

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So, in short, the officer pairing setup plays a huge role in Warpath. Each pairing setup has different damage output and other advantages on the field. It’s also depending on your playstyle to pick the best officer combo.

Best Artillery Officers Combo:

  • Getting The Eruptor to level 60 first with the XP Books and use him as the primary officer to gain the bonus as well as the Masterblaster effect.
  • Spend your Universal Officer Statues on Antonina to max out her skills. Use her as the secondary skill.

If you usually just want to clear the enemy base alone, or your favorite strategy is base-to-base against the offline enemies, it’s best to build your army around the Eruptor. Therefore, you can chip down the enemies and don’t have to focus too much on the firepower.

Credits to: HunterXYT

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