Best Heavy Tank Teams & Strategies

The Heavy Tank from Camp Liberty (Char B1 → A43 Black Prince) has been being used a lot since Warpath 2.0 update.

If you are switching to it and don’t know how to get started, this guide gives you the best army formations and strategies for the Heavy Tank Heavy Tank.

heavy tank warpath

Why Should I Use Heavy Tank?

Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy Tank has been the best tank for all late-game formation for a very long time. However, since the recent updates, a lot of players are switching to the Camp Liberty Heavy Tank Heavy Tank.

For the reason why, please kindly take a look at the article Heavy Tank Vs. Super Heavy Tank!

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Basic Team Building Tips for Heavy Tank

  • Choose a main tank for the team and make sure it is well-geared. You don’t need to invest in other tanks yet, just get the chosen tank to the highest possible power.
  • It is even more accurate if you are a free-to-play player and don’t have a lot of resources. Just simply invest in only one tank rather than having many weak tank units. This also applies to researching technology (focusing on the camp of your main tank).
  • Slowly work on each unit, don’t rush. Once you’ve well upgraded the first unit, start working on the 2nd, and so on.
  • Only spend the Camp Coupons during the respective events, and only when it’s the camp you are working on to grab as much fodder as possible. For example, if you are working on the Camp Liberty Heavy Tank, spend your Camp Coupons when Camp Liberty is available.

Level 1-80

This is the early game stage, where you need to identify the playstyle you want to follow and start building up your team based on it.

During this time, you have a lot of initial coupons and fodders so you can easily choose the first unit you want to work on.

Since this is the guide for Camp Liberty Liberty Heavy Tank Heavy Tank, you should start investing everything you have in it. Simply put the other best units you have in the other position of the army.

Valentine L
Valentine L

Once you’ve unlocked level 80, it’s recommended to level up the Liberty Heavy Tank to 80 asap.

If you don’t have enough XP and Ammunition Ammunitionfor it, reset the others units to get the resources for the Camp Liberty Heavy Tank.

Having a lvl. 80 Valentine L now is excellent.

Example Team Formation:

  1. Heavy TankValentine L (Core Unit).
  2. Howitzer 152mm Howitzer M-10 (Core Unit).
  3. Anti-Tank Guns 8.8cm Flak 18 (6.0)
  4. Any other Camp Liberty unit.
  5. Any other Camp Liberty unit.

Level 80-120

This is considered the mid-stage of the game. You now should already have the best playstyle for yourself and know the pros and cons of different units in the game.

Let’s divide the mid-game into 2 smaller parts: Pre-mid and Post-mid stage.

  • Pre-mid: Unlocking an unit camp to level 120.
  • Post-mid: Have level 120 unlocked for all camps

Pre-mid Game

Following the same strategy as before,  once you’ve unlocked level 120 for the Camp Liberty Heavy Tank, reset the other units to get the resources and get your Valentine L to level 12 as soon as possible.

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Unlocking level 120 requires quite a bit of work, but it is even much harder to upgrade your unit to level 120 if you don’t have good preparation.

A22 Churchill
A22 Churchill

By this time, many players would have unlocked the first A22 Churchill tank (7 star 7.0 star), allowing you to build up the team formation a lot easier!

Think twice before upgrading any unit to 7-star because it costs a lot of resources and if you make any mistakes, it would take months to correct them.

The next core units should be the ones mentioned above.

You should be still working on the Camp Liberty technology branch during this time. Only upgrade the other branches to the minimum required levels to unlock the next perks.

Your team formation now should look like this:

  1. Heavy Tank A22 Churchill tank (7-star level 120) – Invest all Componentscomponents and XP you have here.
  2. Howitzer  152mm Howitzer D-1 (6.1-star) – Invest the rest of your XP and resources here.
  3. Anti-Tank Guns 8.8cm Pak 43 Anti-Tank Gun (6.1-star)
  4. Any other Camp Liberty unit.
  5. Any other Camp Liberty unit.

Pre-mid Game

Keep looking for Camp Liberty fodders, as much as you can, to get 3 copies of the 7-star A22 Churchill tank to unlock the A22F Churchill Mk VII (7.1-star).

A22F Churchill Mk VII
A22F Churchill Mk VII

Then, start working on the Artilleries of the Camp Liberty.

Next, you can use either Martys Watch or Camp Division Artillery, whichever that you can get to level 12o first.

Example Team at level 120:

  1. Heavy Tank  A22F Churchill Mk VII (7.1) – Lv 120 – Invest all Componentscomponents and XP you have here.
  2. Howitzer  203mm Howitzer M1931 (7.0) – Lv 120 – Invest the rest of your XP and resources here.
  3. Camp Division Level 120: Anti-Tank Gun or Tank Hunter.
  4. Howitzer   203mm Howitzer M1931 (7.0) – Lv 120
  5. Howitzer QF 17-Pounder Mk IV (6.1) – Lv 120

Just need to pick the Camp Division unit wisely as it will take 3 copies to get it to 7.1-star and if you go wrong, it will take a lot of time to correct the mistakes!

You should also keep 2 copies of the Anti-Tank Guns 12.8cm Flak 40 (7.0) or 2 copies of the Anti-Tank Guns Jagdpanther

The 4th and 5th unit should be based on your luck when opening coupons. Simply put your best units here. It’s recommended to use tank from the same camp here to trigger the Camp Buff.

Level 120-200

This is called the late game right now.

You now should have plenty of units to use in the battle.

A43 Black Prince
A43 Black Prince

I will make a more in-depth guide for this specific stage. In general, your ultimate goal is to get your Heavy Tank to the A43 Black Prince Tank (7 2 star 7.2-star) and get all of its parts to at least the gold tier.

If you are doing combats most of the time, it’s recommended to reset the units at #3, #4, and #5 slots to get the resources for your  A43 Black Prince Tank, getting it to the maximum level and power.

If you are defending or going offline for a long time, better to reset the Heavy Tank and use the resources for upgrading units at #3, #4, and #5.

Best Heavy Tank War Formations

Bellow is the best performation team formaion for the Heavy Tank right now.


  • Heavy Tank  A43 Black Prince Tank or Infantry M16 Rifle Squad (For tanking damage).
  • Heavy Tank  A43 Black Prince Tank
  • Howitzer 155mm Gun M2
  • Howitzer 155mm Gun M2
  • Howitzer 155mm Gun M2 or Tank Hunter M36 Jackson


  • Tank Hunter M36 Jackson
  • Howitzer 155mm Gun M2
  • Howitzer 155mm Gun M2
  • Howitzer 155mm Gun M2
  • Howitzer 155mm Gun M2 or 12.8cm or Anti-Tank Guns Pak 44 Anti-Tank Gun or Tank Hunter Jagdtiger

Guide by H’s Game

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