What to Do When Getting Stuck?

If you are free to play player or small spender, and getting stuck at upgrading your Warpath bases, here are some of the exclusive deals for you that most players don’t know about.

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What to do when Getting Stuck in Warpath?

Assuming that your Base (Command Center) is at level 26+.

Technology: City Honors

When you research tech, it’s clear that the Industry Tech Tree is the best tree for everyone to max out, including both Pay-to-win and Free-to-play players.

I would not neglect the Military because otherwise you’re gonna get whooped in the field a lot!

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But if you’re a long-term player and can deal with getting your base burned, and living in the shadows for a little while, get your troop level to a minimal point! It’s normally enough to just get your troop to either level 80 or 120!

With maxed modifications, you could do some great works for the Alliance!

City Honors Tree is kinda very underrated by a lot of players.

When you start working on the final technologies inside the City Honor, you will notice that Liberation gives x2 the rewards from the events.

Not to mention that the other nodes give you a lot of bonus Arms Race Points during the Daily Arm Race Events.

city honors tech

You might think that it’s super hard to get the final reward, but do remember that you could get a lot of bonus points by upgrading this tech tree, about 4-5 times comparing to the points you could normally get.

So, in general, by focusing on the City Honor tree, getting the final rewards is not hard at all. That’s 7,200 Gold every day just from this event, including a lot of other valuable rewards.

With the amount of gold Gold you get from daily missions and different events, and at this stage of the game, VIP Store is definitely the best option for you to purchase. You are able to buy up to 1/2 of the items inside the Store every week including Components, Tickets, Ammunition, and Materials. at a discounted prices for upgrading your units further!

Do not worry about the Black Market! It is the best place for spending your normal resources but when it comes to Gold, the Black Market doesn’t have the best offers.

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VIP Store has the best Gold offers!

Working on City Honors tech tree definitely an excellent investment for the long-term Gold. The bonus rewards you could earn from these upgrades every week would worth hundreds of dollars in the late game!

When you start getting your base to level 28+, upgrades become super expensive and it would take months to do an upgrade if you are not working on these bonus stuff.

Campaign Store

Never shop grinding Campaigns!

Since the last update, campaign rewards are now much better than ever!

Now you can buy ammunitions, coupons, parts, and especially the Officer Statues here by just spending the Campaign Rewards!

Alliance Skills

Alliance Store

This is another thing you must pay attention to!

Never stop contributing to the Alliance technology and farm inside the territory to get Alliance coins.

If your Alliance tech is maxed, it’s a bit harder to farm the coins but since the new update, your Alliance leader can just spam the Alliance skills to buff the collection & research speed while farming the coins.


So, the key factors are to do your daily missions, time the events, focus on the City Honors tech tree after maxing your Industry Tech Tree. And never stop grinding the Campaigns!

Guide by Triple G Gaming

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